Supported Employment

Our Supported Employment Services (SEP) are provided to customers who by virtue of their support needs have been found eligible for long-term support by an adult service agency. For a list of applicable adult service agencies, select your state under “our locations” to the left. Local school systems also provide long-term support funding to particular students as long as they are enrolled in school.

Supported employment services include the development of community-based employment, supplemental training, and long-term job site supports. Job site training will be in addition to the training the employer naturally provides. In addition, the role of Work Opportunities is to assist with the customer’s independence level through the development of natural supports. The development of natural supports involves building capacity within supervisors and coworkers at the job site to support the customer on the job. If transportation training is necessary, Work Opportunities will also assist the customer in identifying the best transportation method, train them to utilize the resource successfully and ensure the customer effectively and safely utilizes the resource long-term.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Our Vocational Rehabilitation Service is provided to those individuals who have been found eligible for state Vocational Rehabilitation funding and services. To find the specific VR provider in your state, click on the appropriate link under “Our Locations” to the left. The services provided by state agencies include but are not limited to career counseling, job development, education, adaptive equipment, and job training. Work Opportunities Unlimited provides job placement and training services, including vocational evaluation for those individuals referred from these state agencies.

Unlike Supported Employment services, Vocational Rehabilitation is time-limited and is focused on job placement and training, not long-term support. However this does not mean that someone who will need long-term support will not be eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation funding and services. It means that in order to achieve long-term success on the job they will need Supported Employment funding once Vocational Rehabilitation has closed their case. For those individuals requiring Vocational Rehabilitation services Work Opportunities Unlimited provides the following Outcomes:

  • Confirm Job Goal (within 2 weeks)
  • Prepare Client for Job Search (within 60 days)
  • Obtain a Job (within 90 days)
  • Retain Employment for at least 90 days
  • Achieve Plan Goals


The Ticket to Work and Self Sufficiency Program is provided by the Social Security Administration that assists beneficiaries in returning to work. If you are receiving an SSI (Supplemental Security Income) or SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) cash benefit and you have been issued a Ticket then you can assign that Ticket to an Employment Network. An Employment Network or EN is an approved provider of services for the Ticket to Work Program. Work Opportunities Unlimited is an approved Employment Network and we provide the following services to assist you in your goal of returning to work.

Youth Services

Our community-based Youth Career Program helps young people learn to make positive decisions. Our individualized approach to career exploration and work experience assists with personal development and success in life.

We Provide An Alternative to removing youth from their families and communities.

We Work Directly with families, Juvenile Officers, employers, schools and other community members to help participants secure jobs with a future.

We Prepare Young People before beginning work by teaching them how to engage in constructive social behavior that helps them develop positive identities as workers and community members.

Transition Services

We work together with local school districts to customize vocational-career/transition services that meet the needs of each district and their students. Utilizing resources within school districts as well as facilitating the access to adult service agencies are crucial aspects of creating transition programs that work. Through collaborating with school administration and faculty we hope to give each student the best opportunity for a successful transition that not only links school to work, but students to careers.

Community Support

Although Work Opportunities Unlimited focuses on employment, the ultimate goal is for the client to become as independent as possible, at work and in life. As part of every person’s week they engage in work, recreation, and other personal necessities that ideally allows them to live a preferred lifestyle in their preferred community. It is our objective to provide employment services, but also provide services that enhance their career opportunities and ultimately independence. The provision of community-based day supports gives the client the opportunity to participate in activities that will put them on a path to employment. Below is a list of some of the community-based support services Work Opportunities Unlimited provides:

  • Customized service planning
  • Preparation for volunteer employment
  • Accessing volunteer employment
  • Retain volunteer employment
  • Participation in work assessments and other career exploration activities
  • Accessing gym memberships
  • Enrolling and support in further education
  • Participation in community activities
  • Budgeting and banking
  • Accessing community services such as the library, public transportation, and the post office.
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