Virtual Services

The team at WOU offers quality virtual service options, which can be provided as needed and requested by referral sources and individuals being served. While services are predominantly provided in-person, the need to utilize technology and offer virtual services, with a personal connection, is critical to ensuring the satisfaction and success of every customer we serve.

We have and continue to work with our Information and Technology Team, as well as, a team of programmers to produce technology that results in secure, user-friendly experiences for our team and our customers. Of course, the virtual experience requires engaging and effective facilitation. It is with great pride and confidence that we continue to hire, train, and retain a large team of dedicated professionals who are dedicated to your satisfaction and to ensuring both virtual and in-person services provided are of the highest quality. Below is a sampling of services that can be provided virtually:

  • Person-Centered Planning
    • One on one assessment pertaining to your skills and interests, culminating in career goals and action steps
    • Coaching to help you present your own plan to your team
  • Interview Training
    • Complete a mock interview assessment
    • Ongoing training on answering interview questions
    • Preparation for an actual interview
  • Resume Development
    • Collaboration to create and/or update your resume
    • Consultation and training on writing a cover letter
  • Job Placement
    • Gain access to our internal WOU employer database containing 40,000+ employers
    • View current job openings plotted on an interactive map
    • Work with your own Career Resource Specialist and a remote Business Development Specialist who will provide outreach to employers on your behalf
  • Work Assessments
    • Explore a job through a temporary work experience
    • Remote assessments can be pursued
    • Receive support and feedback from WOU and the business to help you determine the next steps of your career path
  • Job Retention Services
    • Create a Retention Plan to clarify job expectations, performance status and strategies for improvement
    • Receive coaching on communication and performance improvement strategies
    • Meeting facilitation with you and your supervisor to review your Retention Plan
    • Customize our support level including frequency and methodology
  • Group Employment Readiness Classes
    • Facilitated group classes focusing on the skills to secure and retain employment
    • Opportunities to meet new people virtually
  • Interest Inventories and Career Planning
    • Gain access to Pathful Connect and Pathful Explore
    • Complete interest inventories
    • Explore information and videos on specific jobs

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