Frequently Asked Questions

  • We offer customized professional employment services to all our clients.
  • Our innovative approach to job development combines the efforts of local business developers and a central team to give you a better chance of securing a job that matches your goal in a timely manner.
  • Our internal job board gives you access to current job openings with our employer partners, and you can see them plotted on a map of your area.
  • Following job placement, we will work with you to create a retention plan to help you succeed, including any support from our team.

Independence Works serves individuals 14 years of age and older regardless of their barriers.

Our team provides services in the following counties: Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, Saint Lucie, and Indian River.

Yes, we offer both in-person and remote services.

  • Our local team, as well as our corporate business development team, research and source new businesses and maintain contact with existing employer contacts daily.
  • All individuals we serve have access to our online database of over 10,000 employers.
  • We have partnerships with many national companies of all industries, which results in more employment opportunities and long-term successful employment outcomes.
  • Yes, the Independence Works (IW) team is available to provide long-term support through Work Opportunities Unlimited (WOU), an approved Agency for Persons with Disabilities provider.
  • The partnership between IW and WOU is seamless, resulting in customized supported employment support to help you succeed.
  • Independence Works assists with all aspects of employment, including resume writing and interviewing.
  • Our team will work as your consultant to help you develop a professional resume and develop the best interview strategy for you. This may involve interview training and practice.
  • Our goal is to put you in the best position to stand out from other applicants to get hired.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Director who serves your area.

  • We customize hiring programs specific to each employer, which includes conducting needs assessments and onsite tours.
  • Our team vets all candidates to determine skill set and fit.
  • There is no fee associated with any of our services, including consultation regarding hiring people with disabilities.
  • Your company may be eligible to receive the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.
  • You have access to a pool of over 1,000 job seekers.
  • Public relations opportunities
  • Our programs help with the attainment of corporate workforce diversity opportunities.
  • There are opportunities to host interns.
  • We provide remote and onsite job coaching as needed.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Director who serves your area.