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Career Services

In partnership with the Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, we provide the following services to youth and adults with barriers to employment who possess varying skills and abilities. The services provided by the team here at Independence Works take place in the community and/or remotely based on the needs of the individual and to maintain health and safety. For more information on our remote service offerings, please review our Remote Services page.

Employment Services/Supported Employment: Services are individualized and consistent with the unique strengths, abilities, and interests of the individual client in order to help them succeed. Services include but are not limited to: resume development, interview training, job application completion and follow up, assistance and support on the job site as well as long- term job retention services.

On-the-Job Training: On-the-Job Training (OJT) is an opportunity for the individual client to be mentored by an employer, within a field or industry of the client’s choice. The client will receive assistance with the development of skills needed to realize their career goals. During OJT, the client interacts on a regular basis with employees who do not have disabilities, holds a regular position, and are paid no less than minimum wage. OJT allows people with disabilities to experience a workplace culture and learn the soft and hard skills necessary to be competitive in a particular field.

Pre-Placement Training: Instruction provided to individual clients on resume writing; interviewing skills; how to search for and apply for jobs online; how to find and complete job applications; how to manage employer initial contacts; how to handle conflicts; and how to navigate public transportation as well as various other work-related topics.

Job Coaching: Support provided to a client both off and on the job site in order to maintain their position and/or help advocate for additional training and tasks. The supports needed including frequency and the manner in which supports are provided are customized to the needs of the client.

Discovery I & II: The Discovery process is an evidence-based alternative to comparative, standardized assessments, and evaluations. Discovery is a one-on-one, in-depth, person- centered planning process that involves getting to know a person before supporting them in developing a plan for employment.

Vocational Evaluation (Situational): A situational vocational assessment is an observation process that is used to gather information about a person’s work-related behavior, skills, and interests. The individual client will complete job tasks in a real work environment and is paid for their work.

Peer Mentoring: Time-limited, self-advocacy training service where a mentor/peer who is close in age (within approximately 6 years) teaches the individual client through a one-on-one mentoring relationship how to self-advocate for community, social and professional services and supports.

Self-Advocacy Training: A service designed to prepare students on how to better communicate their strengths, abilities, interests, and needs when interviewing with potential employers or applying to trade schools, colleges, or universities. Students who participate in this service learn how to represent themselves and make decisions that affect their lives. Throughout the training, students learn skills that increase confidence and self-esteem while helping them develop a sense of independence and self-empowerment.

Career Camp: Career Camp is a student service offered during winter, spring, and summer breaks.

  • Career Camp can be onsite or virtual.
  • The topics covered include work readiness training, job exploration counseling, and self-advocacy.
  • Students referred by VR who complete all required camp hours and paperwork will receive a stipend.

Work-Based Learning Experience (WBLE):

  • WBLE is a paid work experience in a business
  • The goal is to gain on-the-job learning and exposure to various tasks, positions, and industries to help with future career planning.
  • WBLE can help individuals envision the types of positions and industries to pursue in their job search.