Work Opportunities Unlimited

Work Opportunities Unlimited (WOU) is an innovative, progressive organization dedicated not only to employment outcomes for job seekers and employers, but to the satisfaction and development of all employees, who we refer to as team members.   With an emphasis on the training and professional development of qualified team members, WOU fosters a fun yet disciplined work environment that results in services of the highest quality. Armed with an experienced and diverse workforce of dedicated professionals, the team at WOU has been producing successful employment outcomes for those with barriers to employment since the company’s inception in 1982. 

Fast forward to today, our team members can be found providing services to both youth and adults throughout communities in New England, eastern Florida, Maryland, Washington D.C. and northern Virginia. Work Opportunities Unlimited has a non-exclusionary policy of serving thousands of individuals with a wide variety of barriers and disabilities.  Given the right environment, proper supports, and effective training all people can be successful in a job and for employers this means finding diverse candidates whose unique talents and skills will help improve their business. 

What makes WOU different you might ask?  There is a dedication to excellence that permeates throughout the organization.  That dedication is born from the understanding that all of our customers including job seekers, employers, families and referral sources deserve the best representation and service of the highest quality with outcomes.  Through community-based, person-centered approach to services, a consultative approach to business development, innovative uses of technology and a passion for those we serve; the team at WOU continues to change the world of work every day and has fun doing it. 

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