“It goes without saying, that when a customer is seeking to select any product or service, the question he/she asks themselves is- “What makes this company different and why should I choose them?”  As a team member who has been with this company for over 20 years, I can attest that the company is passionate about the success of each customer, innovative in approach, and relentless in its pursuit of outcomes.  There are many of us who have been with this organization for many years and remain dedicated to the mission and are proud to call WOU home.  The following will provide you with just some of the reasons why WOU has been a successful employment provider since 1982.”

— Ryan Mountain, Vice President of Career Services

Team Member Recruitment

A stringent process for recruitment is utilized to ensure the most qualified and dedicated team members are selected.  Following an initial application, the candidate is screened and references are checked.  If the candidate passes the initial screening process he/she participates in an initial interview followed by a field interview, during which he/she will observe and participate in different aspects of the job.  If all goes well, a job offer is extended and following acceptance the required criminal background checks would be completed.

Team Member Retention

Each new team member completes a comprehensive training process, which includes any state required trainings, as well as, training focused on the competencies necessary to fulfill the requirements of the job.  The training is provided in the following formats:  self-paced, live webinars, group trainings, and in-the-field trainings.  Work Opportunities Unlimited understands that the retention of team members is imperative to the continuity of services provided to each customer.  With that in mind, WOU implements multiple strategies to provide a fun, challenging and satisfying work environment that allows for upward mobility.

Business to Business Approach to Job Development

As far back as the late 1990s, WOU has believed in the importance of implementing a professional process for developing jobs, which puts an emphasis equally on the needs of the job seeker and the employer.  Central to this philosophy, is the scheduling of informational meetings and job site tours with employers to learn about their hiring needs, identify job tasks that match the skills and interests of the job seeker, and develop a collaborative relationship that will allow for job carving and multiple successful employment outcomes.

Remote Business Development Team

With a dedicated team of individuals who have experience on phones and/or with sales or customer service; WOU has the ability to supplement the job development efforts of the local teams working with the job seekers.  Through the efforts of the Business Development Team, informational meetings with employers are secured, job interviews are secured, and the job development activity never stops even if turnover occurs within the local team serving the job seeker.

Innovation Through Technology

Data collection using mobile phones, an on-line file management system with outcome tracking, and a database containing all interaction with employers are just a few of many ways we use technology to advance the services provided to each customer and enhance the work environment to promote team member retention.  There is even an on-line map available to job seekers that will show all the job openings in his/her area!

Job Retention Process

Once an employment opportunity is secured, the transition of the job seeker into the job site is of the utmost importance to, not only the job seeker, but the employer.  WOU implements a retention planning process designed to identify the job expectations, the challenges the individual may be having meeting those expectations, and the interventions that the WOU team will implement to ensure long-term success.  The interventions implemented may include:  job modifications, prompting strategies, task adaptation, assistive technology, and coaching provided to coworkers and supervisors to facilitate natural supports.

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