Mission and Core Values

Mission Statement

“We create new opportunities for success in the workplace, everyday.”

Core Values

  • We believe all people can work.
  • It is our responsibility to change the world of work.
  • We believe in individual initiative and dignity.
  • We are a pioneering and creative organization.
  • We build successful, reciprocal relationships.
  • We are never satisfied.


At Work Opportunities Unlimited, we believe in six, basic ethical principles:

We are always truthful.

  • We are truthful in all our endeavors, and honest and forthright with one another, the individuals we serve, families, community partners and all other stakeholder groups. Also, we serve as responsible stewards for public and private funds.

We treat others fairly and respectfully.

  • We treat one another with dignity and fairness, appreciating the diversity of our work and the uniqueness of each individual. We provide supports and services designed to meet the needs of all individuals, with an emphasis on promoting choice, inclusion, growth and development. We promote inclusion and the equitable treatment of all people including those receiving supports, staff, friends, families and the public.

We communicate openly.

  • We build confidence in our organization and ourselves through open communication. However, we respect the privacy of persons served and protect each individual’s right to confidentiality.

We are committed to teamwork and putting the mission of the company ahead of ourselves.

  • We recognize our responsibility as a member of the team that helps achieve successful employment for the individuals we serve. This team includes our co-workers, the individual, their family, the employer, the referral source, and other community resources.

We are each personally prepared for work and disciplined in serving our customers and co-workers.

  • We serve as role models for persons served and act courteously and properly at all times.

We take responsibility for our actions.

  • We each abide by the highest standards of excellence that promote outcomes of quality for all people. We obey the laws of the land working to make our communities more productive, and act with pride and confidence as representatives of Work Opportunities Unlimited.