Transition Services

We work together with local school districts to customize vocational-career/transition services (click here to view services webinar) that meet the needs of each district and their students. Utilizing resources within school districts as well as facilitating the access to adult service agencies are crucial aspects of creating transition programs that work. Through collaborating with school administration and faculty we hope to give each student the best opportunity for a successful transition that not only links school to work, but students to careers.

Our customized services are created through a collaborative effort involving school administrators, faculty, and adult service agencies. The goal is to create services based on the needs of the school district and the needs of each individual student. Our service models are being utilized by school districts to help serve students who are in need of work experience in the community. The ultimate goal is to help students make a seamless transition from school to work by building skills necessary for entering the working world. We help them achieve this goal by linking students to community employers for hands-on learning through work-based learning experiences.

Our customized services focus on three key aspects of service delivery:

  1. Person-centered planning
  2. Active employer participation
  3. Community-based work experience and/or job placement

In addition, Work Opportunities Unlimited is an adult service provider and therefore is a service option for those students qualifying for adult services. For more information, review our Supported Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation services.

A Work Opportunities Unlimited
Student Success Story

Synopsis: This video is a great example of how our high school program works. It features Nick and shares his success story working for CTAC, a community partner located in Manchester, NH. Narrated by David Dwyer, Senior Vice President and Vocational Division Leader.

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