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Becoming a Career Resource Specialist

What do our team members think about working here?

“I am thrilled to say that I have found a company of caring, smart, kind people who believe in helping other people. I look forward to a long, challenging, exciting career with Work Opportunities Unlimited.”
Lynda Styles
“My experience over the past one and a half years has been gratifying. I love working for Work Opportunities Unlimited! It’s a company that provides incredible resources to its team, including online training’s, Webinars, and access to staff from Maine to Florida to reach out and ask for assistance.”
Sarah Heffner
“Working for Work Opportunities Unlimited has been the most eye-opening, challenging and exciting career for me, ever. The vision and mission of the company continues to change my perception of the world of work, people and the world in general every day.”
Aaron Stone
“Knowing that I have the ability to improve a person’s life while being supported by the best director and co-workers I have ever worked with, makes it a pleasure to come to work every day.”
Jenna Rebello
Business Developer (Remote)

You will work remotely and will be responsible for researching both funding sources and employers to qualify leads and schedule appointments. Read More.

Career Resource Specialist (CRS)

You will focus on bringing our mission of placing job seekers who experience barriers to employment to life. We work with adults and youth. Read More.


The Director will be responsible for ensuring that the Career Resource Specialist (CRS) team delivers excellent client services. Read More.

Job Retention Specialist

A community-based human services role, responsible for assisting individuals with barriers secure meaningful employment. Read More.

Peer Mentor

You will engage with youth by connecting them to long-term community resources and delivering the initial social supports needed. Read More.

Regional Director

Our Regional Director is responsible for overseeing multiple service areas and will supervise at least one market Director. Read More. 

Team Leader

A Team Leader will assist individuals with barriers in finding and retaining meaningful employment within the community. Read More.

Our Recruiting Team

Stacey Plamondon

Stacey Plamondon

  • Bio: Stacey started her career with WOU in 2003 as a Career Resource Specialist and was promoted to Director in 2005, supporting the expansion of WOU in Worcester County, MA and Montgomery County, MD. After leaving WOU for a short period of time, she rejoined WOU in 2014 with a role on the Recruitment Team where she now leads as the Director. Stacey supports, trains and mentors the team of Recruiters and communicates closely with the organization’s senior management team. She holds a MS in Organizational Leadership/Human Resource Management from Southern New Hampshire University and a BA in Psychology from University of Massachusetts Lowell.
  • Fun Fact: I have lived in New England all my life and just started skiing last year. I love it and can’t believe I missed out all these years! I love reading and traveling with my family, enjoying all four seasons!
  • Why WOU? The people – I get to work with an amazing group of people who have similar values and goals. I love how creative and innovative we are as an organization. I also love the purpose – we help others to find meaningful work each day. Work has such a positive impact on the lives of others in so many ways.
  • Favorite Recruiter Tip: If a Recruiter reaches out to you with interest, it doesn’t hurt to have a conversation. Even if the role ends up not being a fit, you never know what door the conversation could open. Recruiters have very large networks!

Jennifer Szydlo

  • Bio:  Jennifer “Jen” has a degree in Paralegal Studies.  She joined the WOU Recruiting Team in June of 2019. She has been working in the recruiting field for over four years in addition to her prior experience working five years in Higher Education Admissions.
  • Fun Fact: I have a vast collection of action figures and vinyl records!
  • Why WOU?  I love that WOU stands behind creating new opportunities for success in the workplace.  I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to find a role in which they can flourish!
  • Favorite Recruiter Tip: Show your genuine passion to want to help people grow!
Jennifer Szydlo
Kelly Murphy

Kelly Murphy

  • Bio: Kelly has enjoyed a long career in Human Resources and recruiting since graduating from Trinity College in Hartford, CT with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and earning her MBA from Clark University in Worcester, MA.   She has worked in a variety of HR disciplines including employee and labor relations, recruiting and organizational development.  Kelly has been a Recruiter with WOU since 2013.
  • Fun Fact: I really enjoy cooking, but particularly baking.  In high school, I had a side business as a cake decorator!
  • Why WOU? It is not often that you get to work where everyone is truly passionate about the organization’s mission.  It makes my job much easier and more fulfilling knowing that we all share the same company values and commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.
  • Favorite Recruiter Tip: Take the time to read about the company and the industry before applying to see if it is a good match with your career goals.  You will impress a company if you have invested your time to learn about them and can express why you would love to join their team.

Kaitlyn McMillen

  • Bio: Kaitlyn joined the WOU Recruiting Team in June of 2015 after working a few years in various HR roles. She has Human Resources experience in diverse industries such as customer service, healthcare, restaurant & retail. Kaitlyn is an alumna of Florida State College at Jacksonville where she earned a Bachelors in Business with HR concentration.
  • Fun Fact: I live in a Quonset Hut that my husband built himself!
  • Why WOU? Work Opportunities has been the most gracious and caring organization to work for. They are flexible, caring and offer endless opportunities for growth and learning!
  • Favorite Recruiter Tip: Research the company website prior to speaking with a Recruiter.
Kaitlyn McMillen
Andrea Roy

Andrea Roy

  • Bio: Andrea joined the Work Opportunities Unlimited Recruiting team in October of 2017. Andrea has a B.S. in Business Communication from Northeastern University and has over 15 years’ experience in the recruiting field.
  • Fun Fact: I love traveling and spending time outdoors with my family!
  • Why WOU? I love working for WOU because of our team approach to recruiting.
  • Favorite Recruiter Tip: I always tell candidates to dress to impress and sell themselves.

Jennifer Wilbur 

  • Bio: Jennifer joined WOU in January of 2021 as a Recruiter. She has held a variety of recruiting and staffing roles since 2015 in many different fields, as well as positions in social services. Most recently, she was Community Relations Director for a nursing and rehab care organizationShe earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications with a focus in Marketing and Public Relations. 
  • Fun Fact: love animals, especially dogs and horses. In fact, my family actually owns two miniature horses! 
  • Why WOU: I love that even though I work remotely, I still feel like part of a team every day. I also love that Work Opportunities Unlimited does such meaningful work in the community.  
  • Favorite Recruiter Tip:  Do your research, use specific examples that highlight your skills, and always have an open mind about new opportunities. 
Jennifer Wilbur
Cori Steck

Cori Steck

  • Bio: Cori graduated with a BA in Medical Biology from the University of New Hampshire. She joined WOU in May of 2021 after gaining strong recruiting skills in prior roles as a retail Store Manager and as a Recruiter in the medical field.
  • Fun Fact: I once held a monkey on my head when visiting St. Kitts.
  • Why WOU: I get to work with an amazing group of people who are all team oriented and focused on helping others. Everyone wants to see success in the workplace no matter what that may look like, and the support has been phenomenal since day one. I believe that everyone should be able to thrive in a role that fits their lifestyle.
  • Favorite Recruiter Tip: Research the opportunity you are applying for and come with questions! We are always happy to answer questions. You never know what an open conversation may lead to!

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