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“I am thrilled to say that I have found a company of caring, smart, kind people who believe in helping other people. I look forward to a long, challenging, exciting career with Work Opportunities Unlimited.”
Lynda Styles
“My experience over the past one and a half years has been gratifying. I love working for Work Opportunities Unlimited! It’s a company that provides incredible resources to its team, including online training’s, Webinars, and access to staff from Maine to Florida to reach out and ask for assistance.”
Sarah Heffner
“Working for Work Opportunities Unlimited has been the most eye-opening, challenging and exciting career for me, ever. The vision and mission of the company continues to change my perception of the world of work, people and the world in general every day.”
Aaron Stone
“Knowing that I have the ability to improve a person’s life while being supported by the best director and co-workers I have ever worked with, makes it a pleasure to come to work every day.”
Jenna Rebello

Our Recruiting Team

Stacey Plamondon, Director of Recruiting – Stacey Plamondon was promoted to Recruiting Manager with Work Opportunities Unlimited (WOU) in December 2015. As Recruiting Manager, Stacey leads, trains, and mentors WOU’s team of six recruiters, and communicates closely with the organization’s senior management team. In addition, she conducts the core hiring for all staffing divisions.

Stacey started her career with WOU in 2003 as a Career Resource Specialist and was promoted to Director in 2004. She moved out of the area in 2008 to pursue her Master’s degree and start a family. While there, she was a client coordinator with a social service agency, and upon returning to New Hampshire, Stacey held positions as a job placement specialist and in human resources before rejoining WOU in 2014. She was promoted from Recruiter into her current role in December 2015. Stacey received the National Certificate of Achievement in Employment Services from the Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators, and was inducted into the International Honor Society in Business Administration and The National Society of Leadership and Success. In addition, she received the Success at Work Award from Work Opportunities Unlimited in 2005.

Stacey earned an MS in Organizational Leadership/Human Resource Management at Southern New Hampshire University and a BA in Psychology from University of Massachusetts Lowell. In her free time, she enjoys reading and taking advantage of New Hampshire’s landscape by engaging in outdoor activities with her family and dog. You can contact Stacey for career opportunities at Careers@Workopportunities.Net.

Additional Recruiting Team members:

Kelly Murphy joined the Work Opportunities Unlimited recruiting team in 2013. Kelly has a B.S. in Psychology from Trinity College and a MBA from Clark University, in addition to over 15 years in a variety of human resource disciplines.

Andrea Roy joined the Work Opportunities Unlimited recruiting team in October of 2017. Andrea has a B.S. in Business Communication from Northeastern University and has over 15 years experience in the recruiting field.

Pam MacGray has worked as a Recruiter for Work Opportunities Unlimited for a combined total of 13 years.  Pam has 25 years of experience working in the Human Resources field specializing in interviewing and recruitment.

Kaitlyn McMillen joined the WOU Recruiting Team in 2015. Kaitlyn has a B.S. in Business Administration with concentration in Human Resources, in addition to over seven years of experience in various HR capacities. In her free time, Kaitlyn enjoys hiking, traveling and taking care of her family pets

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We create new opportunities for SUCCESS
in the workplace, every day

Founded in 1982, Work Opportunities Unlimited is a community-based employment service provider specializing in placing job seekers who experience barriers to employment. Our services are designed to give youth and adults, who may experience a disability or other barrier, the opportunity to obtain competitive employment with businesses in the community. Our company has grown from one person to a workforce of hundreds that serves thousands of adults and students annually.

The success of our company is driven by the strength of our team. We work closely with our employees to create an innovative, creative and rewarding work environment in which we all thrive.

When you join the Work Opportunities Unlimited team, you will have the opportunity to impact the lives of others, while at the same time develop professionally. This opportunity will put you in a position to assist individuals with barriers to employment achieve their goal of securing and maintaining both long-term employment and community connections. Ultimately your efforts will help those with disabilities or other barriers achieve their goals and change the world of work.

The best talent around. Our Career Resource Specialists (CRS) handle a variety of roles, which include helping clients develop career goals, teaching pre-vocational and job retention skills, providing life skills training, and coaching our clients to help them maximize success. Our diverse team has experience from many industries and disciplines. Our common goal: to create new opportunities for success in the workplace, every day!

Making an impact. We network within communities, generate and cultivate strong relationships with local businesses and develop partnerships with employers to secure community-based, long-term employment for our diverse roster of clients. By embracing this spirit of partnership, we deliver superior service while offering a rewarding career for enthusiastic individuals.

The path to success. We are committed to helping our team members reach their full potential by creating individual development plans, one-on-one personal training and job shadowing opportunities, competitive wages and benefits, a dynamic company culture as well as tools and resources to succeed and advance within the company.

Our mission and core values. Watch this video to learn more about Work Opportunities.

Send your resume to Careers@WorkOpportunities.Net or call 866-761-1347 to apply.