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With so many internships out there, how do you choose one that matters? One where you’ll feel valued? You look for an organization that’s mission-driven, with a supportive culture that will keep you engaged and feeling proud of the work you’re doing. WOU has been voted one of the best privately-owned companies for just that reason.

Our amazing interns (like you!) help change the world of work for people with barriers. Gain industry-ready skills in specialized areas like Business Development, Human Resources, IT, Psychology, Human Services, and Accounting & Finance. And build the resume you need for a meaningful job that earns.

Every day, our dedicated team of professionals at Work Opportunities Unlimited is identifying opportunities, overcoming barriers, and achieving success with people of all abilities.

Meet Joanne, a talented blogger & social media specialist who found an incredible fit for her skills with the help of WOU. Now she’s part of a supportive team in an accommodating facility, and she loves putting her creativity to work.

Internship Successes

Successful Internship – Kat Fallon

Toward the end of Kat Fallon’s junior year at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), she was accepted into an internship that was subsequently cancelled. As the social work program [...]

WOU Internship Program- Danny Gallant

As a long-standing tradition, representatives from Work Opportunities Unlimited (WOU) visit area schools and present the organization’s goals and mission to students, in an effort to show them how they can put their [...]


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