Transitional Assistance

Since 1982, we have been supporting people who want to learn how to make positive decisions, community connections, and explore, enter, and be successful in the world of work. Our individualized approach to career exploration and employment assists with personal development, family stability and success in life.

We provide our Transitional Assistance services to adults who are looking for education, career exploration, work experience or employment resulting in personal and professional growth. Our services are:

  • Provided in the community
  • Focused on securing and maintaining employment
  • Effective at connecting with educational institutions and/or professional training programs
  • Provided by team members experienced at serving diverse populations, including those with cognitive, behavioral, or emotional challenges
  • Dedicated to developing personal independence and family well-being

Our Transitional Assistance services include the following:

Career Development

  • Career plan development
  • Creation of an economic stability roadmap
  • Development of short and long-term goals
  • Job application training and support
  • Interview training
  • Resume development
  • Employer outreach
  • Job placement and job coaching
  • Assistance developing relationships and effective communication skills in the community and the workplace
  • CORI/SORI training

Community Resources and Self-Sufficiency

  • Budgetary coaching
  • Connection to educational institutions, resources and programs
  • Transportation training
  • Identification of and access to daycare providers
  • Obtaining housing assistance/resources and eligibility
  • Identification of resources to support physical and mental well-being