History and Philosophy

Since 1982, we have been supporting people who want to learn how to make positive decisions, community connections, and explore, enter, and stay in the work world. Our individualized approach to career exploration and employment assists with personal development and success in life.

Customer Profile

We provide our services to adults who are looking for career exploration and work experience for personal and academic development.

  • Ages 18+
  • Community-based focus
  • Assistance needed to secure and maintain employment
  • Support needed to connect to educational attainment and/or professional training programs
  • All backgrounds, including cognitively, behaviorally, or emotionally challenged

In Person or Remote Services with Outcomes

  • Career plan development
  • Economic stability roadmap
  • Develop short and long term vocational and/or academic goals
  • Learn how to fill out effective job applications
  • Learn effective interviewing skills
  • Complete a customized resume
  • Learn job development skills
  • Establish positive relationships and appropriate communication skills in the community and workplace
  • Obtain a job
  • CORI/SORI training
  • Financial management
  • Educational attainment and/or professional training

Community Resources and Self-Sufficiency

Education Training and Career Exploration

  • Identify the experience, education, and credentials that are needed to achieve career goals
  • Connect to professional certification training, degree programs, and/or apprenticeship opportunities
  • Complete program application and receive admissions support

Financial Management

  • Budgeting- Creating a visual plan
  • Online tools and apps for financial management

Family Stability and Well-Being

  • Connect with daycare providers
  • Obtain housing assistance /Resources and eligibility
  • Identify networks to support optimal physical and mental health

Transportation Training

  • Learn how to utilize the local transit system
  • Assistance obtaining driver’s license/ drivers permit
  • Assistance obtaining automobile/automobile insurance

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