Work Opportunities Unlimited is a cost-free recruiting resource to local businesses.

One of our Core Values is to “create successful, reciprocal relationships”; and we do this by creating opportunities for our job seekers while at the same time adding value to the workforce of the company.

Our process begins by scheduling an appointment with a member of Human Resources or management at the District or Regional level for a particular company. During this appointment, we present our services in a manner that demonstrates the benefits of our services. Below are just some of those benefits:

  • On average our job seekers stay in his/her job for 2.6 years
  • Our recruitment services are cost-free
  • Many of our job seekers would qualify their employer for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Access to a pool of over 2,000 job seekers
  • Public relations opportunities
  • Diversity opportunities
  • Cost-free consultation pertaining to hiring people with disabilities
  • Quarterly recruitment reports

At the local level, we schedule meetings with area businesses in order to learn about their hiring needs. In order to refer a candidate that is a match, we must learn about qualifications necessary for a particular position, as well as, the skills necessary to be successful in that position. It is our hope to also learn about the work culture, and the characteristics that are needed for a person to be successful and a valued team member within the company. This information is often gathered by interviewing a member of management or Human Resources, and by touring the business.

Subsequent to the information gathering session, Work Opportunities Unlimited will begin to search for candidates that meet the criteria of the employer. Any candidate will apply as instructed by the company to which they are applying, and a member of Work Opportunities Unlimited will contact the person responsible for the hiring to communicate the name of the applicant and any pertinent information that will assist in the hiring process. From there the potential employer will determine whether or not they would like to interview the candidate as part of their normal hiring process. A representative from Work Opportunities Unlimited can participate in the interview if recommended and agreed upon by the hiring manager.

If a job offer is made and the candidate accepts, then Work Opportunities Unlimited will begin working with both the candidate and the employer to ensure the new employee makes a successful transition into the job. The support services provided by Work Opportunities Unlimited can include but are not limited to: on the job training, assistance with accommodations, communication, and learning style. It is our goal to build capacity within the employer to work effectively with the new employee and for the new employee to meet the expectations of the employer. After the initial transition, a member of Work Opportunities Unlimited will provide the necessary level of support to both parties to ensure long-term success and satisfaction.

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