Greetings area businesses and potential job-seekers!

My name is Roger, and I definitely have had tremendous success working with the very knowledgeable and quite talented Employment Specialists over at Work Opportunities Unlimited.
The Auburn, Maine staff and facility of WOU are simply incredible!

It was my extreme pleasure to have had the good fortune of working with a member of the WOU staff, Aaron Stone. He wears many hats in his multi-faceted job duties. I worked with him while he was wearing the Job Developer hat. We were successful at cultivating many job leads and obtaining many favorable interviews during my time with WOU. Aaron was relentless at ensuring that I had plenty of job choices and could participate in as many fruitful job interviews as I wished to take on. WOU leaves no stone unturned, when it comes to locating potential employment opportunities for clients. By that same token, WOU can assist many businesses looking to fill that all-important employment position with highly qualified job-seekers.

If anyone is looking to find work or has a need of specialized employment goals, I strongly encourage you to take a very close look at Work Opportunities Unlimited; you will not be sorry that you did!

Respectfully submitted,

Roger C.