To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this testimonial for Jonathan Marshall from WOU. I have known Jonathan since October 2017, as a Career Resource Specialist, for Work Opportunities Unlimited, a job placement contract for the Mass Rehab Commission in Greenfield, MA. Jonathan has proved himself to be a perceptive, patient, and effective.  He offers his clients sound vocational rehabilitation direction that is quite effective in helping them to focus on realistic vocational goals. He is comfortable working with individuals with a wide range of disabilities. In particular, his calm, accepting, and patient approach has made him successful in working with individuals who have interpersonal problems and anxiety. I have had the opportunity to observe Jonathan while he was working with individuals with disabilities. I found that he has an approachable and directive style. He is able to put his clients at ease immediately.  One of his clients gave this quote about Jonathan, “He is very professional and a joy to work with.”

Jonathan has brought creative thinking to his position as Career Resource Specialist.  He is skillful at problem solving and finding innovative solutions to employment barriers. He has built strong relationships with local employers. He has proven himself to be a strong advocate for people with disabilities. It is obvious that Jonathan cares about improving their quality of life.


Kara E. Hutchison, M.Ed., CRC

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor