Work Opportunities Unlimited has been coming to Oak Hill High School for the past three years. They host The Job Club, an important service for juniors and seniors. We had had a Job Club before, but when WOU came to present it, it took on a different presentation. They brought professionalism to the program. By involving the students, and setting clear expectations, they have expanded the students’ knowledge of the world of work and beyond.

Each class has a specific focus. The students are involved in the lesson and really look forward to each session. After WOU took over the Job Club, students would eagerly look forward to each time it was held. Through the Job Club, students have developed a resume, worked on interview skills, and learned what to expect from a job. They have also attended area Job Fairs and Transition workshops.

I would highly recommend the services of the WOU. Aaron Stone, the representative that hosts the Job Club, brings an area of professionalism and courtesy to the class. He is knowledgeable in the contents he presents. He also keeps the program interesting. Because of this, the students are motivated and participate and look forward to the Job Club. Work Opportunities Unlimited provides an invaluable service to Oak Hill High School. I am very glad that they are here.

Wendy Jacobs