To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter today as I have been asked to share some feedback and testimonials from the Department of Developmental Services on behalf of Work Opportunities Unlimited.

I have worked with Work Opportunities Unlimited since July of 2016. I cannot give enough accolades about this agency since starting my time with DDS out here in Milford; especially with Mike Amons and his team. I often hear from families of clients of mine that if they “could clone Mike, they would”. WOU not only serves the individuals that we serve well, but they continue to look out and advocate for their bests interests

Furthermore, I would like to talk about a couple of examples of Work Opportunities Unlimited’ hard work. The first example is Mike and his teams have been working with an individual of mine by helping her grow in her respective bakery department at Shaws. From her last ISP, my individual has done so well at her department; WOU is even looking to expand her role at the bakery department and even look outside her respective department to other departments.

Another example of their hard work is they have been working with a Remote Business Development team to develop good employment leads for a second job for another individual of mine. Thanks to WOU, this individual has not only been able to secure and maintain his primary job out in Mendon since leaving his respective high school, but my individual has done so well that he is being considered for a raise and works occasionally on his own without job coaching.

It has been a real pleasure to work with Work Opportunities Unlimited; their continued hard work shows in the development of our individual’s that the Department Serves. I continue to look forward to working with WOU, especially with Mike and his team.


Andrew Nowak

Human Services Coordinator

Department of Developmental Services

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts