I would like to share with you the hard work that Jill Sands and Gina Nasco have done for the Fresh Start Prep Program in Lynn, MA.

First of all, I appreciate their flexibility. From the very beginning they have been very understanding and flexible towards anything that we are doing or forget to do for the WOU agency. As of January 16th your staff has rearranged their schedule to accommodate the Fresh Start students going to North Shore Community College. They have taken students to the RMV for their Mass Id’s, reassured them that they will assist with their driving permits, as well as to be available in taking the students to their interviews sometimes with little notice in advance.

Secondly, the students are gaining some very special relationships with them where they feel very comfortable telling them personal things even before they tell their teachers. They speak to the students with the utmost respect which is why they have earned the students acceptance. They always come in prepared with job applications that are always individualized for each client and they are equally excited for the students when they obtain interviews.

For me, they have been a consistence in the program. They offer ideas for students that are not quite ready to apply for jobs and they have worked endlessly to incorporate them into job related activities in the community. They are constantly in touch with the students even over vacations and will relay all information to me to keep me involved as well. They have been good listeners and offer help when I need it. They come into the program with such positive attitudes even when I am thinking that we are losing the battle. Meaning that, no sooner do they get someone a job and the client tells them they’re going to quit.

I know that they have a job to do but I feel like they go over and above to draw out the interests of each one of these young adults into finding out what they are good at. I appreciate everything they do for the Fresh Start Prep Program and look forward to working with them in the years to come.

Kristine Banos