I work for the South Valley Department of Developmental Services as a Service Coordinator.  Approximately 5 years ago I put a referral in for one of the individuals on my caseload to Work Opportunities Unlimited.  It was simple to complete.  They jumped in with this individual working on her resume, job skill questionnaire, and other assessments to find the best possible match for employment.  They were successful at finding a job which she loves.  Her Career Resource Specialist helped her learn her job and faded out giving her growth within her employment and checks in to ensure things are still going well.  My individual then stated she would like to get another job because she wanted to work more and the store she is currently working at didn’t have extra hours they could give to her.  Her Career Resource Specialist again assisted with sending out her resume and found another seasonal job for her.  When I get together with my individual she expresses how much she loves her Career Resource Specialist.

When I hold the annual ISP meeting the Career Resource Specialist completes all required paperwork well within the timelines and attends her meeting.  She adds valuable information to her ISP meeting.

This is the only case I have with Work Opportunities Unlimited but during staff meetings I have recommended to my peers to reach out to Work Opportunities Unlimited because of their professionalism and dedication.


Lisa Duval

DDS Service Coordinator