To Whom It May Concern,

As a Service Coordinator I have worked closely with Work Opportunities Unlimited for the past two years. We share two clients; both of whom have had their services delivered with respect and professionalism. Patten has consistently ensured that our client’s programs have been comprehensive, supporting them inside and outside of work.

Over the course of the past two years one of our mutual clients has gone through difficult emotional issues, which often left him incapable of maintaining his employment. Throughout these periods of time his staff at WOU have supported him emotionally and made sure he has many fulfilling volunteering positions. Our other shared client has maintained his job, with WOU support, for many years. During this time has become valued and respected member of his work place. His staff are able to support him while ensuring he is as independent as possible.

I am grateful for the consideration given to each of my clients by their team at WOU.


Alex Parrish-Valliere

Service Coordinator

One Sky Community Services