To Whom it May Concern,

It is my pleasure to submit a reference on behalf of Timberlane Regional High School Special Education Department, in support of Work Opportunities Unlimited. They are dedicated and committed to our students and provide a successful school to work program.

Their community based program has given our students the opportunities to succeed with their individualized programs. Work Opportunities Unlimited is able to work within the school programs, function as part of the students IEP team, and provide communications and information to the families. The IEP team creates the plan for the community based activities, the Career Resource Specialist works on the goals and learning opportunities daily to ensure transference between school, community, and home activities.

Communication and teamwork among the school, the vendor, and the family helps to endure the individuals achieve their personal post-secondary, career, and future adult living goals.

Work Opportunities Unlimited continues to provide a unique service for our students which creates productive members of society for a strong future. I look forward to continuing to develop our professional relationship with this agency.


Wendy A. Spence

Transition Facilitator

Timberlane Regional High School

Special Education Department