For the past four years Work Opportunities has provided a variety of services related to the transition needs of our special education students. Initially, they worked with our high school staff to improve the quality of our IEP transition plans. Over the last four years their services have resulted in plans that were more realistic and better focused. They have continued to work cooperatively with staff, students, and parents to bring career options to life for even our most impaired students. Most of the work has been done on an individual level. Many students have had the opportunity to do multiple job shadows in the community. Some of these experiences have led to trial placements and then to part time jobs prior to graduation. Post-graduation they have helped students connect with Voc Rehab. Several students remain in part or full time work years after graduation.

Work Opportunities has provided RSU 4 with a cost effective service that has improved student outcomes. We plan on continuing our relationship with Work Opportunities in the future.

Will H. Burrow

Director of Special Education

971 Gardiner Road

Wales, ME 04280