It is my pleasure to give a testimonial for Rebeca Irvin and Work Opportunities for her work with my brother, Peter Verge. Peter is now 62 years old.  He was laid off in 2011 from a company who employed him for 38 years. He was originally placed by Mass Rehab, but they were unable to place him during the four years from 2011 to 2015 when he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum.  It was then we went to DDS who brought in Work Opportunities, between his age and his mutism, we doubted if he could be placed but Rebeca stepped up and was determined to find the right fit.

When Rebeca started working with Peter, who was unable to speak effectively, she patiently took him through the process of resume writing, interviewing and finally obtaining a position which he has been in for over a year now. Her ability to make Peter feel comfortable and at ease really helped him feel secure and safe and a great comfort for our family.

She has remained in close contact with him and watching over his progress and addressing any difficulties that we had within the process which enabled him to be successful in his work and for us to obtain payroll information.

She really focused on finding the right place for Peter.  Legoland seems to be a good fit and I know that Rebeca’s coaching has helped Peter succeed especially with relaying to his supervisors his limitations and strengths. We wanted a part time job within public transportation and where the necessity for speaking and interacting was minimal and that was accomplished!  Rebeca sends weekly reports to DDS and us about what’s happening at Legoland and what would affect Peter.

She has really shown dedication and determination in helping Peter.  Her work with him has made all the difference in helping him find not only his work, but his self worth.  She treats him with dignity and respect and has proven to be a true professional in all her dealings with him during this process.  Peter is a better person now having had her help and guidance.

We cannot thank her enough for all that she has done and is doing for Peter.  It has made all the difference!

Catherine Taylor