Our son, Jeremy, has been a client of WOU since May, 2007. We explored many different adult programs and chose WOU because it offered long term supports in paid/volunteer positions and they really believe every person can work. We have not been disappointed.

Our goal for Jeremy is to make him as independent as possible. We want him to find success in different paid/volunteer sites and develop independence with natural supports in the community. WOU is successfully working with him (and the family) to achieve this.

Jeremy is a 23 year developmental delayed man with a limited attention span and a severe expressive communication disorder. WOU understands his unique needs. His career resource specialist (CRS) seeks out positions that build upon his strengths and personality. His CRS is working with him at 3 different job sites each week. The WOU staff has developed service plans and make sure each plan is implemented at each job site. Jeremy’s distractible and playful behaviors will often interfere with his job performance. The CRS is there to refocus him and bring him back on task. The CRS not only supports Jeremy at his job sites, but also advocates for him. The CRS works closely with the natural supports, so they are able to understand and help Jeremy become a member of the company’s team. The self-confidence that Jeremy has developed is immeasurable.

The staff of WOU communicates with our family on a regular basis. We receive weekly summaries. Any concerns and successes are addressed immediately. Phone calls and emails are returned promptly. We have periodic meetings to update the service plans and develop new strategies. If his regular CRS is unable to be at a job site, WOU has staff ready to fill in.

The staff of WOU is always professional, polite, patient and caring. These qualities reflect in the superior service that Jeremy is receiving. We feel that WOU is working with our family as a team to help Jeremy succeed in life’s adventures.

Debbie and Steven Feingold

Worcester, MA