dustin-and-robert-woodIntegrity, vigilance and helpfulness are the foundation for success at Securitas, an international security solutions firm specializing in protective services. Employing 330,000 people in 53 countries, Securitas leaves nothing to chance; they hire the best of the best and they found just that in the Wood brothers.

“There’s a lot at stake here,” says Aarin Miles, Human Resources Recruitment Specialist for the global company. “We’re responsible for the safety and security of our client’s employees, their property and the work campus. All Securitas employees go through an extensive back ground process; they are incredibly well vetted. We look for individuals that are talented, but they also must have a commitment to the community and a willingness to help others. We hire individuals that have a solid history, a track record of good decision making, of not putting themselves or others in danger. Robert and Dustin Wood exemplify exactly what we look for in an employee.”

The Wood brothers were referred to Work Opportunities through the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services in Maine. “They both have minor learning disabilities that are almost undetectable,” says Aaron Stone, a Career Resource Specialist for Work Opportunities. “The disability is not recognized by Dustin and Robert, and Mrs. Wood doesn’t want her sons to be labelled. She says her sons are fully capable of working full time, so she declined disability funding and support, but she did accept help with finding employment for them.”

Dustin and Robert are seriously involved with their community; they are Eagle Scouts and volunteer fire fighters. Robert is a fire arms instructor, Dustin is a junior ranger for the Lisbon Police Department and both brothers are actively involved in their church. When it came to employment, the driving force for the Wood brothers was they wanted to be of service to others.

“In addition to supporting people in the workplace, part of my job is to connect with area employers,” says Stone. “We actively seek out reciprocal relationships and try to create solutions for employers. I met Aarin Miles at a job fair, he was looking for recruits for Securitas that had clean criminal records, were invested in the community and that were trustworthy. I told him I had a candidate or two.”

“Robert started with Securitas first and then Dustin followed shortly after,” says Miles. “Their primary function is as a point of contact for employees entering the site, they check credentials, do some patrolling and check on-site safety compliance. Their doing a great job, their disability is a non-issue. We feel that if an individual is able to meet our requirements and has a strong desire to work, we’re here to give them a chance.”

“We hit the jackpot with Robert and Dustin,” adds Miles. “Work Opportunities took the time to understand my company’s needs and culture, and provided us with two quality employees. The Wood brothers have storied histories of commitment to community through Scouting, volunteerism, local charity work and prominent roles in their church. Every day they demonstrate the core philosophies at Securitas. From my perspective, it doesn’t get much better than that.”

Pictured, (L) Dustin Wood (R) Robert Wood.