Stacey began working at Stop & Shop in Cohasset through a high school program to assist her transition from school to work. In January of 2007, she began receiving services through Work Opportunities Unlimited in order to maintain successful employment. Stacey works on the front end as a bundler; her tasks include providing exceptional customer service support and bagging items according to requests. Her supervisor Chris has said that she always looks for additional tasks to complete and always shows a positive attitude.

During the summer of 2010, Work Opportunities began to assist Stacey in finding a volunteer position in the community. Her goal was to find a place to work a few hours each week to learn additional skills that would help her move forward with future career goals. After communicating with the Cohasset Consignment Shop, an interview was set up for Stacey to speak with the store manager and see if it would be a good fit for her. Almost immediately, Stacey felt that this would be an excellent fit for her. The manager was impressed with her commitment and offered her a weekly volunteer position.

Starting in September of 2010, Stacey has volunteered two hours every Thursday. She begins her shifts by monitoring the clothing racks for additional hangers and bringing them to the back office. Once this is completed, she will put clothes on hangers and place them onto the racks. To complete her shift, Stacey will clean different areas of the store by dusting and washing the shelves.

With the assistance of Work Opportunities Unlimited, Stacey is moving towards complete independence on the job. She gets along with all of her co-workers, which has helped her build communication skills in a new environment. Stacey has developed a great reciprocal relationship with the Cohasset Consignment Shop and has opened the doors for other Work Opportunities Unlimited clients to volunteer there as well. With all the positive attributes she has displayed at both Stop & Shop and the Cohasset Consignment Shop, Stacey will continue to reach all the goals and objectives she sets for herself in her career.