success_ray_harleyRay was referred for job development services to WOU from VR, and during his intake, he told his Career Resource Specialist that he loved motorcycles. Shortly thereafter a position was secured at L/A Harley Davidson. The VR services that Work Opportunities Unlimited provided were the result of a real team effort. After Ray’s successful placement and VR closure, WOU took over providing excellent work site support services to help Ray maintain and expand his duties.

Although Ray cannot ride motorcycles himself, in his position as L/A Harley’s maintenance man, he gets to be around motorcycles every day and interact with the customers who share his passion. Ray wears an L/A Harley shirt at work, and one can see his picture proudly displayed on the wall next to all the “other” certified Harley Davidson mechanics at the entrance to the maintenance department.

Ray has truly been totally integrated into the Harley Davidson work environment and culture, and he has become a very respected and valued member of their support team. This great example of work integration went to a whole new level recently, when the L/A Harley sales manager asked Ray if he would like to be featured in a commercial promoting a motorcycle ride from Lewiston Maine to Farmington CT to raise money for Special Olympics.

View Ray’s Special Olympics Promotional Video for LA Harley