For many years, Phil worked at a local bus company processing paperwork. Phil experiences a severe seizure disorder and he had always had the support of his supervisor at the bus company. Unfortunately, the bus company went out of business and Phil needed to find a new job.

The prospect of finding an employer that would work effectively with Phil and his seizure disorder seemed challenging. With the help of Work Opportunities Unlimited, Phil secured a position at a local investment firm where he was given the task of processing information to be mailed to customers. Phil was given a cubicle along side all of his coworkers, where he performed his work. Within the first two weeks of employment, Work Opportunities Unlimited coordinated a training for Phil’s coworkers on seizure disorders and a protocol to follow when Phil experienced a seizure. The training was provided on location at the business by a licensed nurse.

Ten years later, Phil is still working at the investment firm, and his supervisor and coworkers have been an integral part of his success, due in part to building capacity within them to effectively support Phil with his seizures.