success_matthew_99Before working at the 99 Restaurant, Matthew had experienced difficulty developing relationships with his co-workers at previous jobs. Matthew can be very personable and friendly, so being unable to get to know the people he was working with was very troubling for him. As soon as he began working at the 99 Restaurant, Matthew and his Career Resource Specialist (CRS) at Work Opportunities Unlimited developed a goal for him to speak with his co-workers by their first names.

After being there for two years, Matthew has shown great strides in his interactions with co-workers. He understands when to joke around with them, and also when it is time to focus on his food preparation and dishwashing tasks. He enjoys talking with one co-worker in particular about the common interest they share in guitars.

WOU CRSs continue to monitor Matthew’s ability to properly communicate with the 99 Restaurant team, and provide him with different opportunities in the community to feel comfortable being himself and speaking with individuals of all backgrounds. Currently, Matthew enjoys guitar lessons and is looking for different opportunities to further his education. The key for success was finding the right environment for Matthew to flourish in.