success_lee_coachLee was first hired on as an Assistant Coach for the Girls Basketball program at East Greenwich High School in Rhode Island. After the end of his third season, he was approached by his Athletic Director about being the Head Coach for the school’s Unified Basketball team. Lee’s AD thought that he would be a great fit for the position, while he remained as the Assistant Coach for the Girls Program. Lee embraced the opportunity and took his team to the state championship. Lee’s players fought hard for him, just as his girl players always have the last three seasons. His job as Head Coach consists of evaluating players, developing practice and game plans and directing the play on the floor during games. Work Opportunities Unlimited has helped Lee throughout his coaching career by assisting him with developing stronger relationships with fellow coaches and players, helping him to improve his communication with the players during the games and supporting his transportation needs. Lee has learned how to build and develop his connections with his players, coaches and Athletic Directors. He has also shown that he can better handle constructive criticism and game losses than he did at the beginning of his time at East Greenwich.

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