success_ken_lowesKen came to WOU from the Department of Transitional Services seeking vocational support. He has a lot of enthusiasm and a strong hunger to return to the working world. He had reported all the places where he had searched for jobs and applied to. His list was extensive. However, despite all the applications and resumes he submitted, over the past year or so, he wasn’t getting hired. He wasn’t getting many interviews either. Ken is an x-marine and a man with a lot of opinions and passion about what he believes is correct and true. A few years ago he was asked to do something very few people would ever be asked to do. His son needed a kidney and Ken gave him his. Ken never thought that this was a big deal and was told by another job coach from another agency that he shouldn’t talk about it in an interview. WOU encouraged him to tell his story because it really showed how compassionate he was. Here is a man who was the head of a household and the “bread winner.” He left his job and took care of his son while his wife worked to support their family!

Besides teaching him what to say during the interviewing process, we also taught Ken how to update his resume, took him on mock interviews so he could get critical feedback on how he did, assessed his application skills and provided him with ongoing coaching throughout his job search and placement process. Ken secured a job directly resulting from his paid work assessment at the 99 Restaurant. The job didn’t work out, however Ken used it as a learning experience. About a month later, Work Opportunities utilized a corporate relationship with Lowe’s Home Improvement to develop a lead for Ken. He applied within 30 minutes of learning about the lead with Lowe’s. He used his newly revised resume and had an interview. It went very well and he was hired! He is now working 30+ hours a week and shares that he really likes his job. His managers report that Ken is a true asset to this company. Ken has been able to buy a car and is providing a lot more financial stability for his family. Ken now likes to be referred to as Ken the “Lowe’s Man”. Well done Ken!