Josh came to us through a referral from Vocational Rehabilitation. Josh was shy to start and had a habit of not looking into your eyes when having a conversation with him. Josh experienced challenges interacting with people on a personal level and in work situations. He went through cycles, which would result in major depression. However, it wasn’t longer after beginning services with Work Opportunities Unlimited that he was placed in his first job ever. He started by working one day each week. Josh’s supervisor was very pleased with his work and reported that he really fit in with the other staff. Josh continued to meet with his Career Resource Specialist from Work Opportunities and his VR counselor. About a month into working, he requested more work hours and felt that he was ready to increase his job responsibilities. Work Opportunities had been visiting him at work and checking in with his supervisor on a regular basis. As his confidence increased, Josh began working one additional day each week and then on to two days. From two he went onto three, and then four. Josh is now working full-time!

A month later Josh met with again with Work Opportunities and his VR counselor. Josh was walking a bit taller, his head was held a bit higher and he displayed more confidence. In the meeting, he told us that since he was working he was so active that he had lost 25 pounds and was feeling great. Josh had been living in a group home with two other residents and reported that he was moving into his own apartment. Josh is still thriving at his job. At the end of this meeting Josh wanted to speak to his Work Opportunities representative after his VR Counselor had left the room. He said that he didn’t feel another cycle coming, at least not any time soon. Josh expressed his thanks and said that when he started his job, he didn’t know if it was something that he wanted to do. He feels that this experience has changed his life.