success_jasmine_idcJasmine is a very smart, well spoken, and caring young woman who loves animals and enjoys working with children.

Jasmine was referred to Work Opportunities Unlimited for our Youth Career Program. For the most part Jasmine has been very engaged and participated in all the programs activities and assignments; however, Jasmine had some confidence issues. After completing a basic photography class and a College Tour, she realized all the potential she has and chose to face her fears. After this realization she agreed to participate in a paid work assessment.

The WOU CRS was able to set up her paid work assessment at International Day Care. At the day care Jasmine is responsible for completing different activities with the children. Jasmine would read, draw, paint, do games and outdoors activities with the kids.

The opportunity for Jasmine to have an exposure to the world of work has had a positive impact on her. The fact that she has to show up to work on time, and someone is relying on her has shown her the importance of responsibility and more than anything Jasmine has proven to herself that she can achieve great things.