article_jeremy2Jeremy was referred to Work Opportunities Unlimited by Vocational Rehabilitation. When he began working with Mary Northrup, a Career Resource Specialist, he had one job aspiration in mind – to work in the fishing section at a department store.

All of his life Jeremy had participated in outdoor activities. He has a vast knowledge of hunting and fishing and was eager to contribute that knowledge and passion to a paid position.

Through her dedication and persistence Mary learned that Bass Pro Shops was building a store locally. Mary immediately went to work. She reached out to corporate management and began developing a relationship with the fish and game mogul. Mary and Jeremy together devised a plan and took immediate action.

Jeremy, Mary, and Jeremy’s mother sat down to compose a letter to the corporate president of Bass Pro Shops. In the letter, Jeremy described his love of the outdoors and his knowledge of all things fishing. He also included photos of himself participating in outdoor activities relevant to Bass Pro Shops.

In the letter, Jeremy shared the following: “You will find I am quite knowledgeable, friendly, responsible, and reliable and I have no doubt that people would look to me as the guy who gives great advice and who knows exactly where to find everything in your store.”

After sending the letter, Jeremy constantly asked his mother to bring him to the construction site where the store was being built. Each day they would sit in their car and watch the workers. He waited patiently for the corporate president to respond to his letter.

The team was elated to learn Jeremy’s letter was received by the President and CEO of Bass Pro Shops and Jeremy would be granted an interview! Mary spoke with the store’s hiring manager and set a date and time. They worked together reviewing interview skills. Jeremy was focused, dedicated, and had set his mind on getting this position. Jeremy interviewed with the company and within days was granted a second interview. Again, Jeremy excelled and was offered a position as an associate in the fishing department.

Mary understood Jeremy’s goal, took it seriously, and worked as a team with Jeremy and his mother to remain focused on that goal. With persistence, an open mind, and out-of-the-box thinking, the team was able to support Jeremy in attaining his goal.

The overall experience helped Mary to realize that the importance of working together with the individuals Work Opportunities Unlimited serves cannot be understated. It is only through a great support system that clients can realize, act upon, and succeed in their goals of becoming employed and successful members of the community.

Now, in their first month open for business, Bass Pro Shops is thriving in the community and Jeremy is excelling in his position. He said, “This is my dream job,” and he is working hard to be the best employee he can be.

Recently at a company meeting, Jeremy’s hard work paid off. The first Bass Pro Shops Employee of the Month was announced and the award was presented to Jeremy. He also received a $150 gift card to the store, a special parking space, and paid time off in appreciation of his commitment to the company.

Congratulations to both Jeremy and Mary for a job well done!