(Medford, MA) – In this fickle and ever-changing economy, long term employees can be a company’s best bet in terms of fortifying the bottom line. Christina Galvin of Medford, Massachusetts, has been helping Babies R’ Us do just that; she recently celebrated ten years at this busy retail store in Everett, Massachusetts.

“The long-term success of any company depends heavily upon the quality of its workers and worker loyalty,” says Tom Vennochi, Career Resource Specialist at Work Opportunities Unlimited. “Christina has demonstrated that she’s not only a reliable employee, but an effective one too.”

As an apparel associate with Babies R’ Us, a specialty baby products retailer, Christina has a reputation as a hard worker who’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves to get the job done.  Whether it’s in the back of the house processing incoming products, or working on the sales floor, Christina is always focused on the task at hand. “She knows her job inside and out, and the sales floor relies on her,” says Vennochi.

Christina processes children’s footwear and clothing, removes all packing material, hangs clothes on racks by gender, disposes of boxes and when on the sales floor, she goes to the racks to make sure clothing is organized and in properly sized areas. “Christina’s an incredibly focused, efficient, organized, outgoing individual who makes a difference, and is very proud of what she does,” says Vennochi. “She’s got the process down and it doesn’t go without notice.”

Recently, Deb Walters, the assistant store manager at Babies R’ Us, honored a very surprised and pleased Christina during the morning staff meeting.  “They presented her with a beautiful certificate of recognition plaque,” says Vennochi, “and it read, “Presented to Christina Galvin in Grateful Recognition For 10 Years of Service.”

Branndon McCormick, Christina’s supervisor, stepped in and praised Christina for her “dependability, for her willingness to go the extra mile to do a good job for the store, for being easy to work with, and for always coming to work on time.”

“Christina has proven herself over and over again,” adds Vennochi. “She’s an employer’s dream come true. In fact, her contributions are so significant, they’d like her to take on more hours. An employee who’s in demand? I’d say that speaks volumes.” Christina’s longevity and success as a Babies R’ Us employee will be a major selling point to any prospective employer we approach during the skill marketing process. The store managers at this store are highly skilled and will likely move into another local retail management position.  Knowing this, I’ve already asked Deb Walters to consider hiring Christina when she “lands” at her new store.