Dan Lowe has been helping kids cross the street on their way home from school for two years. The Portland crossing guard living with Autism had help from Work Opportunities Unlimited finding employment.

PORTLAND, Maine — When kids at East End Community School walk home, they’re met by a familiar face at the intersection of North and Walnut. A crossing guard named Dan Lowe who takes his job seriously.

Lowe started working as a Crossing Guard in Portland two years ago. He wears a reflective vest and carries a stop sign to hault traffic when kids are entering the cross walks at the intersection of North and Walnut Streets. There are is a lot of gratitude shown throughout the day from students who seldom notice that their crossing guard is living with Autism.

“It’s an important job to me because think about it, if I don’t show up who’s going to keep the kids safe,” said Lowe.

Lowe was referred to Work Opportunities Unlimited by the Department of Labor program called Vocational Rehabilitation that helps those living with a disability: physical, mental or emotional, find a job. Since the summer of last year Work Opportunities Unlimited has successfully employed 873 people.

Senior Parking Control Officer for the City of Portland, Kevin Ready, helped train Lowe. According to him it was common for Lowe to check in and make sure he was doing the job properly. The answer was always an astounding yes.

“Dan takes it very seriously and that’s something I admire quite a bit,” said Ready. “Keeping kids safe, especially at an intersection like this on, I don’t know what is more important than that.”

This article appeared on the WCSH 6 Portland website on March 08, 2016 and was contributed by Rob Nesbitt.