success_damien_homedepotDamien began services with Work Opportunities Unlimited in March 2010 through the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission. Damien was engaged right from the start and stated that he would do whatever it took to attain a meaningful job. Damien attended every Job Club that was offered sometimes walking a few miles and taking two buses to assure that he arrived on time. Job Club gives job seekers an opportunity to learn and practice interviewing, application writing and resume writing in a group setting.

At the beginning of May of 2010, Damien landed an interview with the Human Resources Manager, at The Home Depot in Worcester, MA. Damien had been struggling with speaking at an appropriate tone during his mock interview sessions with WOU team members and was nervous for his first actual interview. All the practice at Job Club paid off because he did an amazing job at the interview and was subsequently offered a job on the spot as a Lot Attendant.

The training process was lengthy and involved an 8-hour orientation and three weeks of computer training classes. WOU accompanied Damien for the orientation and was present during 80% of his training classes. The Human Resources Manager was extremely happy with Damien’s dedication to his training and the fact that he completed one week early! Damien began his position in the lot in early June 2010.

During the Retention Plan meeting Damien was given much praise from the Human Resource Manager. She stated that he was one of the best employees that she has had working in the lot. At the conclusion of this meeting Damien expressed to WOU and Heather that he would do whatever it took to remain a Home Depot employee including training in a different department. As of 11/1/10 Damien remains an employee at The Home Depot in Worcester, MA as a Lot Attendant and is a valued member of the team.