success_catherine_walgreensCatherine is a bright young lady who joined Work Opportunities Unlimited in December of 2006 in search of employment. Shortly after, in April of 2007, Work Opportunities Unlimited found her a position at Walgreens just walking distance from her home. Catherine began her employment in the pharmacy with constant supervision putting items away for the pharmacist and technician. Catherine was then moved to the floor to stock snacks, beverages, and other items neatly on the shelves. Her method in completing this task was to read the labels or compare the last 3 digits of the bar code to the bar code on the shelves. After a couple of months Catherine was given a more complex task, which she is still currently performing. This task entails placing a Walgreens tape and alarm sensor sticker to every expensive boxed item. Catherine is enrolled in the Rehabilitation Center of Boca Raton where she happily participates in skill building activities. At the moment, the program is having Catherine fix cell phone chargers which she enjoys doing along with the friends she has made at the center. Catherine likes to shop at the mall, eat at McDonald’s, and loves to sing and dance. Presently, Catherine continues to successfully work at Walgreens with onsite support from her CRS every week.