success_alana_dolFederal Government Job Secured!

In 2012, when Alana walked into the doors of Work Opportunities Unlimited in Wheaton, MD she only wanted what many of us want. She wanted a job where she could financially support her family with medical benefits that would not jeopardize her personal health. In the past Alana had been able to locate jobs but due to her health she was unable to keep them for very long. Due to a kidney transplant in 2005 Alana must take a life long anti rejection medication which compromises her immune system. If she ever has a rejection scare she may end up in the hospital for an extended period of time thus jeopardizing her job.

Unfortunately that is exactly what happened prior to Alana coming to Work Opportunities. At her previous job her health was constantly compromised. Alana was exposed to many germs through the customers she came in contact with on a daily basis. This exposure led to a kidney rejection scare and an extended hospital stay. Sadly despite being a faithful employee Alana lost her job because her position did not include benefits.

Upon her arrival at Work Opportunities Alana and her Career Resource Specialist, Keisha Caine, worked hard to meet her goal of finding secure employment with benefits in a healthy environment. Alana and her CRS felt the federal government was the best place for her to reach her goal. Her CRS prepared a federal resume for her and the two of them applied to jobs in which Alana had transferrable skills. In addition to this they practiced mock interviews countless times until Alana had the confidence she needed in an interview. After careful preparation Alana attended a job fair for persons with disabilities and after a lengthy process she was hired as a GS-7. Currently she has been working for the Department of Labor for eight months. Even better news is she has been recently offered a promotion upgrading her from a GS-7 to a GS-9. Alana says, “Once I got with my CRS at Work Opportunities everything just took off. I want people to know an illness should not hold them back.” Work Opportunities is so proud of Alana and wishes her all the best in her career.