L to R: Rebecca Mayer, Tina Simes, Elena Stroeble

(Beverly, MA) On October 10th, Tina Simes, a Career Resource Specialist in our North Shore market, was awarded a Success-at-Work Award during a team meeting. She was nominated for the award by Rebecca Mayer, our director for the market.

During the presentation Rebecca highlighted Tina’s commitment to our core values, “It is our responsibility to change the world of work” and, “We are never satisfied.” Tina utilizes a person-centered planning process to understand each person’s interests, hobbies, and goals to identify the best strategy for finding long-term employment. Tina models for others that it is not just about helping someone find a job, but also looking at all factors to find meaningful employment where the environment will be a good match long-term.

Tina has worked persistently to help individuals develop independence and identify natural supports in the workplace. For example, Tina worked with one individual, who has selective mutism, to identify businesses that could be a good fit, which included job tours to see the environment and meet potential future colleagues of employers.   The job development process was well-thought-out and it took time.  Tina persevered and now the individual is working successfully. Tina continues to work with the individual and her team to help her grow in her role, including increased communication and relationship building with coworkers and customers.

Another clear demonstration of Tina’s dedication to changing the world of work and never being satisfied involves an individual who has a passion for caring for cats. This individual had a goal to find a paid job working specifically with cats, and Tina worked collaboratively with our business development team to identify potential opportunities. One day, Tina and the individual went to SohoCats Luxury Feline Hotel for a job tour and to meet with the owner. The owner did not have any job opportunities available, but was happy to provide a tour of the business.  Over the course of the tour, the owner realized how much value the individual could bring to the business by helping socialize the boarded cats while their families were on vacation. The individual is now happily working at the SohoCats Luxury Feline Hotel, earning a paycheck, and most importantly meeting his goal with Tina’s support.

In making the presentation David Dwyer presented Tina a certificate which reads:

“For her commitment to our core values, “It is our responsibility to change the world of work” and, “We are never satisfied” Tina’s work has resulted in two individuals in particular finding their dream jobs. For these individuals and countless others, Tina focuses on their interests, talents and support needs in an effort to secure long-term career opportunities.  One individual is thriving at In The Game and is developing positive relationships at work. For another individual, he only wanted to find a job where he could work with cats, and Tina managed to help him secure employment at SoHoCats Luxury Feline Hotel.  In both cases, it was Tina’s persistence and collaboration that resulted in securing these creative job matches.”