(Pictured L to R) Ryan Mountain, Melissa Jebens, Lisa Jaloski

(Martin County, FL)  On April 26th, 2022 Melissa Jebens, a Career Resource Specialist and Team Leader in our Martin County, FL market, was awarded a Success-at-Work Award during a team meeting. She was nominated for the award by Lisa Jaloski, our Martin County Director.

During the presentation, Lisa cited Melissa’s many contributions to the team and each client she has served.  In particular, Lisa highlighted some examples of Melissa’s commitment to create successful reciprocal relationships and to create new opportunities for success in the workplace every day. As Melissa began her career with WOU and IW, Melissa played a large role in spear-heading the Transitional Work Group program with Walgreens Distribution Center. Melissa has represented WOU and IW at Walgreens in such a professional manner and has gone above and beyond to make this program such a success. Twenty clients have participated in the program since 2018 leading to nine paid placements. Melissa also developed an amazing relationship with the management team at Outback Steakhouse in Jupiter, Florida which led to multiple placements and on the job training opportunities in not only that location but in three other locations that actually span three counties.

Melissa continually creates new opportunities for success in the workplace every day. Thus far, Melissa leads the Martin team in paid job placements this fiscal year. By getting to really know her clients as well as the community employers, Melissa has been able to develop positions for her clients that are a great fit. Melissa was working with a client, Jensen, who had been with WOU and IW for several years in various OJT’s and was in a paid placement that was not all that Jensen had hoped it would be. Melissa, realizing how much Jensen enjoyed books, reached out to the Barnes & Noble manager and was able to carve a position for Jensen. Thanks to Melissa, Jensen is thriving, reports that she loves her job and has really been able to grow her skill set.

In her current role as Team Leader, Melissa has been a huge asset to the Martin County team. Due to her approachable and patient nature as well as her desire to want to help, Martin team members have thrived under Melissa’s support. Melissa’s “can do” attitude and exemplary work ethic have proven to be invaluable in helping grow our market and has resulted in strong referral source relationships.   Melissa Jebens is such a valuable member of the Martin team and continues to be a success at work every single day.

In making the presentation Ryan Mountain presented Melissa a certificate which read:

For her commitment to our mission- “We create new opportunities for success in the workplace, everyday” and our core value “We build successful, reciprocal relationships.”  Since 2018, Melissa’s work with the Walgreens Distribution Center has benefited over 20 participants resulting in 9 job placements.  In addition, she has developed many employer partnerships and consistently secures placements for clients. Of special note is the work Melissa did with Jensen, who was in job search for a long time and thanks to Melissa is now thriving in a carved position at Barnes and Noble.

The “Success-at-Work” award, which began in 2000, periodically honors and recognizes team members who have delivered outstanding service to our clients consistent with the Company’s core values.

Congratulations Melissa!