(West Palm Beach, FL)- Kristen Giordano of Boynton Beach, has been presented with the Success at Work award from Work Opportunities Unlimited. The “Success-at-Work” award, which began in 2000, periodically honors and recognizes team members who have delivered outstanding service to our clients consistent with the Company’s core values.  Founded upon the principle that all people can work, Work Opportunities Unlimited is a community-based, employment service provider that specializes in placing people with disabilities, and job seekers who experience barriers to employment, in competitive work environments.

Giordano started with Work Opportunities Unlimited in August of 2019 as a Career Resource Specialist and was recognized for her exceptional commitment to supporting individuals with disabilities through her multiple successes of OJT (On-the-job) placements turning into core positions. Giordano was nominated for the award by the Director-in-Training of the Work Opportunities West Palm Beach market,  Jenni Paine.

In her nomination, Jenni wrote about Kristen’s exceptional ability to work with businesses, including non-profits, to create multiple opportunities within each company, tailored to the specific needs of the individual.  Kristen is very good at embracing the skills of each individual and creating and carving positions that are a good fit.  She also helps identify and obtain assistive devices and technology, when needed.

Mary Leddy (left), Kristen Giordano (middle) and Jenni Paine (right)

Upon presenting the award, Jenni Paine honored Giordano for her commitment to Work Opportunities Unlimited’s core value of “We build successful, reciprocal relationships” through her work connecting employers and employees and providing the support needed for success. Of special note is Giordano’s work resulting in very positive and written feedback from a parent, who wrote,  “My daughter’s career resource specialist, Kristen Giordano, is phenomenal! She balances all angles – regulations, paperwork, employer relations, carving out meaningful work, client input and needs. She advocates for my daughter in the workplace and sets the bar high. Also commendable are her excellent rapport and positive demeanor with all involved.”  WOU Vice Chair, Mary Leddy, added, “Kristen’s positive approach to engaging individuals and employers makes her a great teammate and a Success at Work!”