L to R: Ryan Mountain, Marcia Welsh, Jen Burton, David Dwyer

(Dover, NH) On June 25, 2024, Accounts Receivable Manager Jennifer Burton was presented with a Success at Work award during an Accounting Team meeting. She was nominated for the award by CFO Marcia Welsh. Since the award’s inception in 2000, Work Opportunities Unlimited (WOU) has presented the Success at Work award to honor and recognize team members who have delivered outstanding service to our clients consistent with the company’s core values.

Jen’s professionalism and willingness to learn and accept new responsibilities to support company objectives make her a valued member of the WOU team. She has created and maintained processes to ensure a significant amount of data is reported timely and accurately each month by the Accounting Department. As the department’s liaison for developing the portal compliance form, Jen worked countless hours to thoroughly understand the intricacies of the service reporting and accounting requirements for each state.  Although this was a new experience for Jen and there were no guidelines to success, she displayed perseverance and a determination to ensure the portal data is captured and presented in an accurate and efficient format for end users.

In addition, Jen has played an integral role in determining state-specific requirements as multiple states have transitioned to new service structures and reporting systems over the past year. She has been relentless in determining the needs of NH’s Bureau of Developmental Services (BDS) in particular. Darlene Hayden, Regional Director of NH markets, noted, “Jen and I have been meeting regularly, sometimes daily, to ensure we understand the state requirements. Initially, we thought we would need a few months for this transition, but Jen quickly realized after the first quarter or so that this would be a larger project and created numerous spreadsheets to capture and track the changes to ensure successful implementation. In the past year, I never saw Jen’s temperament change. She always came across happy and positive despite the challenges presented by this project. I can say that I could not have made it through the last year without Jen’s dedication and support. Thank you, Jen, for everything that you have done for the state of NH, Work Opportunities, and myself over the past year.”

During the award presentation David Dwyer and Marcia Welsh presented Jen with a certificate which read:

Accounts Receivable Manager Jennifer Burton has demonstrated a high level of professionalism and dedication in her daily responsibilities and special projects. The best practices she has implemented enable the Accounting Department to report a significant amount of data each month in a timely and accurate manner. Jen played a crucial role in developing the portal compliance form, persevering for countless hours through the intricacies of calculating and programming state-specific service reporting requirements to deliver an efficient experience for end users. In addition, her thoughtful approach as Team Leader ensures caring, individual support to each member of the Accounts Receivable Team. Jen’s can-do attitude and willingness to go above and beyond make her an integral member of Work Opportunities Unlimited and a true Success at Work.