(Keene, NH) On November 1, 2023, Amy Vaughn, a Career Resource Specialist on the Keene Team, was presented a Success at Work award during a team meeting. She was nominated for the award by Director Tosha Talbot. Amy’s teammates and fellow Career Resource Specialists, Liz Carney-Olmstead and Samantha Lees were in attendance, along with President/CEO David Dwyer; Regional Director Darlene Hayden joined for the announcement on Teams. Work Opportunities Unlimited (WOU) periodically presents the Success at Work award to honor and recognize team members who have delivered outstanding service to our clients consistent with the company’s core values.

L to R: David Dwyer, Amy Vaughn, and Tosha Talbot

Amy believes that all people can work, and she is a shining example of someone who commits herself to this core value every day. She takes the time to build a foundation of trust with her clients and really get to know their unique strengths and employment goals. In addition, Amy naturally initiates and assists with conversations with employers in the community to establish successful relationships and create opportunities for our clients. As a result, Amy has successfully placed individuals in both paid and volunteer sites that meet their goals, and her person-centered services ensure her clients continue to grow and succeed in their roles.

For example, one individual needed assistance to create meaningful relationships with his coworkers, so Amy worked closely with him to help him develop the confidence and social skills to flourish. Another individual who worked in a kitchen struggled with the fast pace and constant transition of one task to another. Amy helped the individual develop a task list and become proficient in these responsibilities; he quickly showed huge progress and continues to grow each shift. A third individual did not enjoy her volunteer role watching children. After spending an extensive amount of time getting to know the individual, Amy worked with her and the organization to create a better fitting position that played to her strengths and capacities. Now she is in charge of the bulletin boards and thriving; Amy is working closely with another employer to create a part time job opportunity for the individual, too. Through leading by example and sharing her best practices with others, Amy contributes to a very energized, positive, and supportive work environment for all of Keene’s clients and team members.

During the award presentation David Dwyer presented Amy with a certificate which read:

For her commitment to our core values, “We believe all people can work” and “We build successful, reciprocal relationships.” As a Career Resource Specialist on the Keene team, Amy leads by example as she delivers high-quality, person-centered services that help her clients flourish in the workplace. Amy commits to really getting to know her clients and build trusting relationships with them, so she is able to help them develop their strengths, progress through their weaknesses, and then match them with placements that align with their employment goals. With her natural ability to socialize, Amy easily establishes successful connections with employers and members of the community, thereby creating additional meaningful opportunities for our clients. By sharing her best practices, she inspires others to join her in changing the world of work.