We’ve continued to follow Sam’s Success Story, and we can now share this update on the interesting project that Sam has completed, which has resulted in user-friendly recreational trails for the Keene, NH community. If you’re catching up, here is part 1 of Sam’s story https://workopportunities.net/successes/sams-success-story-his-map-to-success/.  Sam is a college student who receives Pre-ETS services from WOU and Tosha Talbot, who is the WOU Career Resource Specialist (CRS) who worked with Sam as he worked in our first-ever Remote Site Assessment program.

Tosha had connected with Will S in the GIS Department at the City of Keene, NH to develop and establish Sam’s Remote Site Assessment with the GIS/Mapping Department. In Will’s words, the benefit to the City in using interns like Sam provided valuable wayfinding and orientation material in the form of a map for the Edgewood Forest Park. This will provide greater recreational opportunities in this natural area. Sam did this in conjunction with an Eagle Scout Project from local Troop 302. The Eagle Scout mapped the trails with GPS and constructed two kiosks where the maps created by Sam have been posted.  The hours spent working on this project by the interns, combined with their own experience, accelerated the completion of the project for the City.

Sam and Tosha at the kiosk with the new map!

When Sam was asked about completing this project remotely, he commented that “The learning experience I had with Will was not unlike the school-work I do through VLAC’s, the online charter school I attended. There were some disadvantages to working remotely such as the fact that I could not quickly and easily ask for help when I encountered a problem however when that did happen, I managed to figure it out on my own. It was especially nice that I was able to do this internship remotely during this pandemic because I know a lot of other students were not as lucky”. For her perspective as Sam’s WOU support, Tosha says, “I feel like this is a valid feeling as in-person site assessments have natural supports and supervisors available and with this it was remote and the supervisor was not at the meeting every time. I would like to point out that Sam is great about thinking on his feet and problem solving a skill that he had more practice with during this internship.”

At Work Opportunities Unlimited, one of our Core Values is “We are a pioneering and creative organization.” Sam’s success with his remote site assessment is one way that Tosha exemplifies this WOU Core Value. In keeping with our Mission Statement of creating new opportunities for success in the workplace, every day, we’re pleased to share the good news that another remote site assessment in the Keene, NH is under way! We’re changing the world of work.