Josh Minerella’s path at Work Opportunities Unlimited (WOU) is a bit unconventional, with one year as a Career Resource Specialist, a relocation, and a return to WOU in a new capacity. WOU is happy to have Josh back on the team and creating new opportunities for success in the workplace every day!

Josh first began his career at WOU as a Career Resource Specialist (CRS) in Manchester, NH in 2019, but he had a finite amount of time to devote to the role. His wife had a year of clinical rotations for optometry school in the city, and upon her graduation, the couple would move to her home state of Florida. Josh jumped right in, applying his extensive background in non-profits and human services to his work of supporting employment for people with disabilities, until it was time to pack up and leave Manchester.

Josh Minerella

His relocation to Florida coincided with the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, so Josh pivoted to pursuing entrepreneurial interests for about a year and a half. Then he received an email from Stacey Plamondon, WOU’s Director of Recruiting, who was contacting former employees who may be interested in available opportunities. Josh reached out and learned of an intriguing opening on the Business Development Team. As a CRS, he had split his time between business development and working directly with clients, and Josh looked forward to the chance to grow his skills in “sales for a cause. I consider myself to be pretty mission-driven, and the idea of being able to present a great cause, a great opportunity, whether that’s reaching out to employers or working with candidates, that was a big draw for me.”  After a great interview, Josh rejoined WOU as a member of the Business Development Team in January 2023, working remotely from his home in Florida to support three New Hampshire markets: Laconia, Manchester, and the Seacoast.

One of his favorite aspects of the job is winning over new employers who may not have considered hiring supported employees in the past. As Josh puts it, WOU candidates “can do the job, we have people who are helping to train them, and they have natural supports, so this is a situation that benefits everybody. I love making those phone calls and seeing employers want to work with us. It always feels like a huge win.”

Josh appreciates the collaborative aspect of working at WOU, where multiple departments come together to create opportunity for clients. As Josh describes it, the Business Development Team receives information from the Corporate Development Team and employers, and then shares that information with the CRSs in the field. He says, “A big part that I like about WOU is that everyone needs to be involved in the process to make it happen. The different areas that people are working on may seem separate, but in the end it all comes together and moves the mission forward.”

He credits his experience as a CRS for his emphasis on keeping open lines of communication with team members, since Josh knows firsthand that each day on the job as a CRS is different and “they’re being pulled in a lot of different directions.”  He also keeps meticulous notes for each CRS so he can easily remember their individual interests and work style to support them the best way he can. Josh likes to shout out the incredible work CRSs do every time he gets an opportunity.

Working at WOU appeals to Josh because it’s easy to see the positive impact on clients’ lives: “We’re playing a part in helping someone obtain a position that they enjoy, and having income and more independence…their progress is very tangible and quantifiable.” He enjoys getting an email or text from a CRS sharing that a client has been officially offered a job, and is proud of a new corporate partnership with a major retailer in the region, where all WOU clients were successfully placed after their on-the-job training assessments. Josh looks forward to delivering more amazing outcomes for WOU clients, saying, “I am excited for all the progress we have ahead!”