Our WOU Providence and Blackstone team members have been learning American Sign Language (ASL). Manny Martin, the Founder of ASL Academy in Providence, RI has worked with our teams to create a schedule and curriculum that develops the skills needed to communicate in ASL. The classes have enriched our communication skills and cultural competence and allowed us to develop a new and rich sense of camaraderie amongst our team, the instructor, and the broader deaf community. Our group is continuing to learn and develop their ASL skills. The ASL Academy’s model is designed to teach the history, culture, and modern-day barriers that the deaf community faces.
This video showcases WOU Team Members signing the WOU Mission Statement in American Sign Language: “We create new opportunities for success in the workplace, everyday.”
Featured in the video, upper left to right: Kym Elliott, Amy Mulcahey, Trisha Wagner, Jenna Fredette, Mike Amons. Lower left to right: Corinne Dyer, Maureen Beaulieu, Joe Tavares, Whitney Ritt.