Florida VR services piloted a new program for youth 14-22 with disabilities for Peer Mentoring services.  The intensive and time limited services are used to connect youth to long term community services and resources by delivering the initial social supports needed to effectively engage the youth in postsecondary  training, education and employment.  This is a service used as a conduit  for other future Vocational Rehabilitation services.  The categories of choices of activities are Community services, Social Engagement for Support and Social Engagement for Networking.  Examples of the services are helping the youth to learn how to take para transportation, finding a volunteer job and  meeting with the disability office at a college. pair a mentor within 5 years of age with a youth to support the youth in exploring a variety of community services to prepare the youth for their future.  Work Opportunities was filmed as part of a workshop presentation at a national conference for Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors.

Thank you to Ric Blackwell,  the talented videographer who created the segment .