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Client & Families

Positive and Productive Experience

To Whom it May Concern:

Our experience with Work Opportunities Unlimited has been a positive and productive one. We attribute that to:

  • The friendly, supportive and professional staff
  • The detailed assessment of client’s strengths, abilities and desires
  • Their Job Search team
  • Their ability and willingness to think outside the box regarding employment opportunities
  • Employment opportunities that are tailored to meet the needs of the Client
  • Retention Plans and bi-weekly progress reports
  • And, as our daughter put it, “very nice Career Specialists”.

With tremendous gratitude,

The Robbins Family

Statement from a Client

WOU has been really good to me! They’ve helped me so much in my life and have been through thick and thin.

  • Angeliki K

Helping with a Job

I like WOU because it helps me with my job and the things I need to get the help I want and if I need something they are always there when I need it the most.

Sharon T.- client (Montgomery)

Keep Trying and Try to Keep Positive

My CRS was excellent, very nice, she was very professional. She didn’t give up, she was just nice all the way around. She always showed up whenever we had an appointment and never stopped finding places for me to apply to even when I couldn’t find any places. I would recommend anyone in my situation to keep trying and try to keep positive.

Lisa J. – Client, East Bay

Dignity, Respect and Work

It is my pleasure to give a testimonial for Rebeca Irvin and Work Opportunities for her work with my brother, Peter Verge. Peter is now 62 years old.  He was laid off in 2011 from a company who employed him for 38 years. He was originally placed by Mass Rehab, but they were unable to place him during the four years from 2011 to 2015 when he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum.  It was then we went to DDS who brought in Work Opportunities, between his age and his mutism, we doubted if he could be placed but Rebeca stepped up and was determined to find the right fit.

When Rebeca started working with Peter, who was unable to speak effectively, she patiently took him through the process of resume writing, interviewing and finally obtaining a position which he has been in for over a year now. Her ability to make Peter feel comfortable and at ease really helped him feel secure and safe and a great comfort for our family.

She has remained in close contact with him and watching over his progress and addressing any difficulties that we had within the process which enabled him to be successful in his work and for us to obtain payroll information.

She really focused on finding the right place for Peter.  Legoland seems to be a good fit and I know that Rebeca’s coaching has helped Peter succeed especially with relaying to his supervisors his limitations and strengths. We wanted a part time job within public transportation and where the necessity for speaking and interacting was minimal and that was accomplished!  Rebeca sends weekly reports to DDS and us about what’s happening at Legoland and what would affect Peter.

She has really shown dedication and determination in helping Peter.  Her work with him has made all the difference in helping him find not only his work, but his self worth.  She treats him with dignity and respect and has proven to be a true professional in all her dealings with him during this process.  Peter is a better person now having had her help and guidance.

We cannot thank her enough for all that she has done and is doing for Peter.  It has made all the difference!

Catherine Taylor


From a Parent in East Bay

WOU has worked with my son and helped him find employment. WOU is unique in a sense that they are able to help adults with special needs. I like when they find a job for their client they keep checking on them to see how they are doing. If it doesn’t work for them they are able to work with them and get something else. I would offer others in my situation to look into WOU, it can help their child to work and be responsible.

Magdalena M.- Parent

From a Client in Providence

Work Opportunities Unlimited is very helpful at getting jobs for clients in different areas.  I have been with Work Opportunities Unlimited for over ten years and I found that WOU was very helpful to find me a job.  The Career Resource Specialists are helpful to find dream jobs for people on where they want to work.  I find that WOU has the resources to help people with their goals, dreams and future of jobs in different locations.


Daniel Carlier

Happy to Discuss WOU and Its Benefits

To Whom It May Concern:

The Victor School has been working with Ashley Hayward of Work Opportunities Unlimited for the past school year on behalf of one of our students. Our experience has been very positive. Despite the student’s occasional reluctance to move forward because of her own issues, Ashley was appropriately persistent and supportive. The student has been placed in a worksite for a few months now, and her academic performance has improved during that time. She has never been a student who is highly motivated by academics, but now that she has a job, her overall attitude and enthusiasm have definitely seen strong progress in the right direction. We have been very pleased with the results for this student and would welcome the opportunity to work with Work Opportunities Unlimited again in the future. If you have any questions or would like further information, please don’t hesitate to call me at 978-266-1991, extension 3844, or email me at and I will be happy to discuss WOU and its benefits to students further with you.


Susan T. Woodin, Ed.M., M.A.

Education Director

The Victor School

Quality of Service

Services provided included; Intake and a program created for a specific student based on his particular area of interest, Employment Preparation Assessment, Transition and Career Planning, Work Assessment and development of an internship, training and transitioning independently into the job site.

I have contracted with Work Opportunities for several students in the past three years to assist with summer programming and transitional planning. The staff was professional and dedicated. All parties involved were very pleased with quality of service.

I have been very pleased and will continue to contract with them. If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to call me.

Lisa A. Michalak

Out of District Coordinator

Framingham Public Schools

Effective Case Management, Attention to Detail and Orchestrated Effort

To Whom It May Concern:

It is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of the Work Opportunities Vocational Support Program. I have been familiar with and utilized the services of this program for the past 14 years. In my work with them, they have consistently demonstrated a tremendous level of commitment and dedication to the students and staff they have worked with, and to the various programs and schools I have asked them to work within. As a vocational support service, I have asked them to be responsible for coordinating a variety of logistics and services for the students referred to them. This involves an extensive amount of organization and communication with building Teams and staff, as well as the district administrators and outside service providers. Although this can be extremely challenging, the staff at Work Opportunities has consistently managed to accomplish this goal with a great deal of success.

Of particular note is the well measured and comprehensive nature of support each student has received. A service plan for each student is developed and always stems from a thorough and comprehensive review of a student’s strengths and weaknesses. This includes input from every stake holder and is routinely inclusive of a variety of perspectives and logistical variables. From this stems the delivery of highly effective support for the students, and the Work Opportunities Team is always available to connect and work with associated staff members and parents to ensure consistency of efforts and orientation of goals.

In addition, I have found the Work Opportunities Team to be especially effective at case management, attention to detail and orchestration of efforts, and they have demonstrated significant abilities to synthesize input about students from many sources in order to develop the most effective approach possible in dealing with the student’s needs. They display a high degree of professionalism and respect for everyone involved with the student, and even in adversarial situations are able to maintain poise and focus, constantly striving to make sound student centered judgements and recommendations.

I have every confidence that Work Opportunities will be an asset to any setting desiring a group of professionals of this caliber and skill. I would strongly endorse any contract for their services and highly recommend the agency for whatever setting they pursue as warranting their type of service. I am happy to discuss this further with anyone to provide additional support about his abilities and strengths if warranted.


Kenneth Kramer, M.Ed., M.A.

Director of Student Services, Belmont Public Schools

Ingredients for Success

Referral Source: DHHS, Region 10 in Atkinson, NH

This excerpt was taken from a Satisfaction Survey that was returned from a case manager.

What would like to see us improve upon?

“Why fix it?, if it isn’t broken. WOU seems to have all the ingredients for success.”

Additional Comments:

“Consistently the most dedicated, hard working group of people. Staff development must be of high quality, because it shows. WOU gets persons with jobs and helps them keep them. WOU truly amazes me just how they do it, day after day, month after month, and year after year. Highly recommended by me. No one else is a close second! Can’t say enough positive things about them. I’ve been with Region 10 approximately 17 years. I ought to know and assess talent, when I see it. WOU is.”

Recommendation Without Reservation

To Whom It May Concern;

I am the Director of Special Education for the Timberlane Regional School District located in Plaistow NH. I have had the pleasure of working with Toni Brachant and Work Opportunities, Ltd for the past 6 years. We contracted with Work Opportunities when another vendor we were using was not able to provide consistent staffing for our students. As a result, their program was continually interrupted.  Toni assured us that this was not the case with Work Opportunities. She has been true to her word, and our students have benefited from wonderful community and work related experiences. I have been impressed with the quality of staff that Work Opportunities has been able to hire and retain. In addition, our students work on IEP goals, Personal Centered Planning, job exploration, community outreach, leisure activities and volunteer experiences, which have enriched the community as well as the student. We have found that students receive more consistent funding when they enter adult services, and most of the students have obtained a paying job that they have maintained after graduation. In addition, Toni is very responsive when there are issues or problems to work out. She has attended many parent meetings and communicates clearly about the supports and services offered through her program.

I would recommend Work Opportunities without reservation as a vocational vendor.

Beth Rincon

Director of Special Education

Timberlane School District

Creating Strong Futures

To Whom it May Concern,

It is my pleasure to submit a reference on behalf of Timberlane Regional High School Special Education Department, in support of Work Opportunities Unlimited. They are dedicated and committed to our students and provide a successful school to work program.

Their community based program has given our students the opportunities to succeed with their individualized programs. Work Opportunities Unlimited is able to work within the school programs, function as part of the students IEP team, and provide communications and information to the families. The IEP team creates the plan for the community based activities, the Career Resource Specialist works on the goals and learning opportunities daily to ensure transference between school, community, and home activities.

Communication and teamwork among the school, the vendor, and the family helps to endure the individuals achieve their personal post-secondary, career, and future adult living goals.

Work Opportunities Unlimited continues to provide a unique service for our students which creates productive members of society for a strong future. I look forward to continuing to develop our professional relationship with this agency.


Wendy A. Spence

Transition Facilitator

Timberlane Regional High School

Special Education Department

Job Club is a Success

As a teacher I have been extremely pleased with the Job Club, Work Opportunities Unlimited has run for us. Your staff is always extremely professional and are positive role models. Having the work skills and social behaviors that we talk about reinforced and expanded upon has made the students realize what they truly need to have and to do to get employment.

Cyndy Paradis

Special Education Teacher

Jay High School

Cost Effective Service and Improved Student Outcomes

For the past four years Work Opportunities has provided a variety of services related to the transition needs of our special education students. Initially, they worked with our high school staff to improve the quality of our IEP transition plans. Over the last four years their services have resulted in plans that were more realistic and better focused. They have continued to work cooperatively with staff, students, and parents to bring career options to life for even our most impaired students. Most of the work has been done on an individual level. Many students have had the opportunity to do multiple job shadows in the community. Some of these experiences have led to trial placements and then to part time jobs prior to graduation. Post-graduation they have helped students connect with Voc Rehab. Several students remain in part or full time work years after graduation.

Work Opportunities has provided RSU 4 with a cost effective service that has improved student outcomes. We plan on continuing our relationship with Work Opportunities in the future.

Will H. Burrow

Director of Special Education

971 Gardiner Road

Wales, ME 04280

Job Club at Oak Hill High School

Work Opportunities Unlimited has been coming to Oak Hill High School for the past three years. They host The Job Club, an important service for juniors and seniors. We had had a Job Club before, but when WOU came to present it, it took on a different presentation. They brought professionalism to the program. By involving the students, and setting clear expectations, they have expanded the students’ knowledge of the world of work and beyond.

Each class has a specific focus. The students are involved in the lesson and really look forward to each session. After WOU took over the Job Club, students would eagerly look forward to each time it was held. Through the Job Club, students have developed a resume, worked on interview skills, and learned what to expect from a job. They have also attended area Job Fairs and Transition workshops.

I would highly recommend the services of the WOU. Aaron Stone, the representative that hosts the Job Club, brings an area of professionalism and courtesy to the class. He is knowledgeable in the contents he presents. He also keeps the program interesting. Because of this, the students are motivated and participate and look forward to the Job Club. Work Opportunities Unlimited provides an invaluable service to Oak Hill High School. I am very glad that they are here.

Wendy Jacobs

Family in Rhode Island

I am pleased to write this letter of support for you. I have been most impressed with your dedication and conscientious attention to all of Lee’s needs. I believe that you have formed not only a great working relationship with Lee but also have become a trusted friend to him. You have worked diligently to help Lee find appropriate work in a field that he loves and continue to mentor and monitor his progress. You are an integral part of Lee’s life that, I am not sure, where we would be today had you not been around to help us through this process.

I know that neither Lee or myself would ever be adequately able to thank you enough for all your help.                        Sincerely,

Carol Walker

Thanks from a Client in Rhode Island

Dear Joe,

I am very satisfied with the work that you and your staff at Work Opportunities Unlimited do in supporting my employment. Everyone is very accommodating to meet all my needs and is very flexible to work around my schedule. Whenever something changes unexpectedly I know that you and your coworkers will do all you can to work around it. My job is very demanding and requires a company that can handle many challenges in supporting me in my coaching endeavors now and in the future. You have gone above and beyond meeting my initial expectations.



Lee Walker

From a Client in Rhode Island

I have advanced in so many ways with Work Opportunities Unlimited. I have taken on the responsibility of doing tags now at the Stop and Shop and I have received acknowledgments from my Supervisor at Stop and Shop for reaching this new goal. The staff at Work Opportunities Unlimited goes out of their way when needed and it is greatly appreciated! I really enjoy working with Work Opportunities Unlimited!

A Hearty Recommendation

Work Opportunities reflects a knowledge and skill that has helped me get a job that I love. The professionalism and courtesy of your team is right up there with the best. I would recommend Work Opportunities staff to anyone who is looking for a job. Thank you, Work Opportunities.


Auburn, Maine

Developing Independence and Understanding Needs

Our son, Jeremy, has been a client of WOU since May, 2007. We explored many different adult programs and chose WOU because it offered long term supports in paid/volunteer positions and they really believe every person can work. We have not been disappointed.

Our goal for Jeremy is to make him as independent as possible. We want him to find success in different paid/volunteer sites and develop independence with natural supports in the community. WOU is successfully working with him (and the family) to achieve this.

Jeremy is a 23 year developmental delayed man with a limited attention span and a severe expressive communication disorder. WOU understands his unique needs. His career resource specialist (CRS) seeks out positions that build upon his strengths and personality. His CRS is working with him at 3 different job sites each week. The WOU staff has developed service plans and make sure each plan is implemented at each job site. Jeremy’s distractible and playful behaviors will often interfere with his job performance. The CRS is there to refocus him and bring him back on task. The CRS not only supports Jeremy at his job sites, but also advocates for him. The CRS works closely with the natural supports, so they are able to understand and help Jeremy become a member of the company’s team. The self-confidence that Jeremy has developed is immeasurable.

The staff of WOU communicates with our family on a regular basis. We receive weekly summaries. Any concerns and successes are addressed immediately. Phone calls and emails are returned promptly. We have periodic meetings to update the service plans and develop new strategies. If his regular CRS is unable to be at a job site, WOU has staff ready to fill in.

The staff of WOU is always professional, polite, patient and caring. These qualities reflect in the superior service that Jeremy is receiving. We feel that WOU is working with our family as a team to help Jeremy succeed in life’s adventures.

Debbie and Steven Feingold

Worcester, MA

In Support of Communication and Commitment

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing in support of Work Opportunities Unlimited. Although my son has not been with their program for very long, our experience to date has been extremely positive. Work Opportunities provides the communication and commitment that I want on an ongoing basis and works with me and my son, along with the school, to make sure his program is followed and he is learning the skill sets he needs to be successful.

The individual working with my son is a good match for him. She engages him and makes him want to do more.  She is professional and sincere in wanting my son to succeed.

I would highly recommend Work Opportunities as a service provider. I am pleased with our overall experience to date. They show s high degree of professionalism and they are well organized. Work Opportunities has exceeded my expectations in playing such an important role in my son’s future.


Debra Paine

Client in Florida

I want to thank you so much for all the help and support my daughter received since Work Opportunities Unlimited/Independence Works took over her case. What an amazing and impressive agency from the initial intake and meeting with Sue and Maureen, the job preparation and practice, the practice interview with Publix and then the job offer, the support with orientation and training- then the care Carla has provided with job support, help with the transfer and continuing the support post-contract to ensure she was comfortable in her new placement. Incredible and life-changing are the thoughts that come to my mind.

The special strength of WOU (which stands out most in my mind) is that my daughter received the attention and care that made her (and me) feel like we were important from the comprehensive intake assessment which focused on my daughter’s career goals to job placement in a position that aligned with those goals. From that first meeting, we knew something was different about WOU, and we continue to be impressed by the professionalism and support provided. I believe WOU is an excellent “best practices” model for the way things should be.

It has been a long road for us, as my daughter has had some negative experiences before WOU took over. As a Mother and Clinician, I know how difficult transition post-high school is and continues to be for individuals with disabilities. I have worked with many young adults who presented with depression and anxiety because they did not have life skills, vocational skills, the right support and guidance, etc. It is, in my opinion, unfair that as a community we have so many supports for our children when they are in the school system, but relatively few once they leave. It is sad to see what happens to many young adults as a result.

I don’t know if you work with many high-functioning individuals, but I do know that the comprehensive job preparation Maureen did with my daughter, is one of the key components that individuals with high functioning ASD desperately need. Another area is in the life-skills category which, as you know, is in the large part, parent education. I would like to see this component written into the IEP as the “life skill component”… sorry, I digress here… so much to say…

I am so grateful to Sue, Maureen and Carla for everything they have done, and I would not hesitate to send anyone in need of services, to Work Opportunities Unlimited/Independence Works. It really does take a village and I am hopeful that others may follow in my daughter’s footsteps. Your wonderful team coupled with the kindness of Mr. Clayton (manager of Publix) for giving her a chance, has left me feeling hopeful, encouraged and lucky.

Thanks again for everything you have done for my daughter and for me.


Blackstone – Great Attitude and Work Ethic

“David is a great guy and has an unbelievable attitude and a great work ethic.”

Erin Shoemaker: Aramark Foodservice Manager

East Bay – Follow Up = Continued Partnership

Liz and the team at WOU have done a great job providing me with quality part time employees. They always follow up to make sure the employees they work with are doing their jobs well. I will continue to work with WOU for my hiring needs.

Steve Meinel- Manager


Partnership that Yields Valuable Employees, York County Sodexo HR

I can honestly say that teaming with Work Opportunities was the best relationship I have made from an HR perspective. I have found some very valuable employees through our partnership and the staff has always been professional, friendly and accommodating. I believe that the work that Work Opportunities does blends beautifully with our values of diversity & inclusion and has allowed us to form a mutually beneficial relationship where we gain quality employees while serving our community’s need of employment for an undervalued/ underappreciated labor pool.

Referral Sources

Skillful Problem Solving and Innovative Solutions

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this testimonial for Jonathan Marshall from WOU. I have known Jonathan since October 2017, as a Career Resource Specialist, for Work Opportunities Unlimited, a job placement contract for the Mass Rehab Commission in Greenfield, MA. Jonathan has proved himself to be a perceptive, patient, and effective.  He offers his clients sound vocational rehabilitation direction that is quite effective in helping them to focus on realistic vocational goals. He is comfortable working with individuals with a wide range of disabilities. In particular, his calm, accepting, and patient approach has made him successful in working with individuals who have interpersonal problems and anxiety. I have had the opportunity to observe Jonathan while he was working with individuals with disabilities. I found that he has an approachable and directive style. He is able to put his clients at ease immediately.  One of his clients gave this quote about Jonathan, “He is very professional and a joy to work with.”

Jonathan has brought creative thinking to his position as Career Resource Specialist.  He is skillful at problem solving and finding innovative solutions to employment barriers. He has built strong relationships with local employers. He has proven himself to be a strong advocate for people with disabilities. It is obvious that Jonathan cares about improving their quality of life.


Kara E. Hutchison, M.Ed., CRC

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor





Making a Difference, One Person at a Time

I just wanted to follow up after our meeting last week regarding Ter Yang.

As you are aware, when we met with Ter for the first time last year, he was extremely reluctant to engage in services. He hadn’t received services since he left high school and he seemed to be very worried about going out into the community, meeting new people, and work in general.  I was so pleased at last week’s ISP to see how far he has come. I noticed that he was happier, more talkative and genuinely proud of his ability to work.    Your team has done an amazing job, working with Lowe’s management to smooth out any difficulties, and to ensure his success.

I want to thank you for a job well done, and for making a difference in this young man’s life.


Gerri Fox

Division of Developmental Disabilities Counselor

Rhode Island

Letter of Support

To whom it may concern:

 It is my pleasure to submit a letter of recommendation in support of Work Opportunities Unlimited.  They are driven to help our customers find meaningful employment and achieve their employment goals.

I’ve worked with Work Opportunities Unlimited for 30 years through job placement and post placement support as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor with New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation.   I enjoy working with Work Opportunities Unlimited because they provide quality services and have always listened to the needs of the individual customers that they serve.  What sets Work Opportunities Unlimited apart from other providers is they have very good communications with both counselors and the individuals they work with, they have a high job placement rate and their reports are timely and accurate.

Work Opportunities Unlimited continues to provide good communications and quality services with the goal of helping each person we work with to find a career. I look forward to continuing to work with WOU in the future and helping the individuals we serve find employment.


Suzanne M. Nichols

Suzanne M. Nichols MA CRC
Rehabilitation Counselor

From the Fresh Start Prep Program in Lynn, MA

I would like to share with you the hard work that Jill Sands and Gina Nasco have done for the Fresh Start Prep Program in Lynn, MA.

First of all, I appreciate their flexibility. From the very beginning they have been very understanding and flexible towards anything that we are doing or forget to do for the WOU agency. As of January 16th your staff has rearranged their schedule to accommodate the Fresh Start students going to North Shore Community College. They have taken students to the RMV for their Mass Id’s, reassured them that they will assist with their driving permits, as well as to be available in taking the students to their interviews sometimes with little notice in advance.

Secondly, the students are gaining some very special relationships with them where they feel very comfortable telling them personal things even before they tell their teachers. They speak to the students with the utmost respect which is why they have earned the students acceptance. They always come in prepared with job applications that are always individualized for each client and they are equally excited for the students when they obtain interviews.

For me, they have been a consistence in the program. They offer ideas for students that are not quite ready to apply for jobs and they have worked endlessly to incorporate them into job related activities in the community. They are constantly in touch with the students even over vacations and will relay all information to me to keep me involved as well. They have been good listeners and offer help when I need it. They come into the program with such positive attitudes even when I am thinking that we are losing the battle. Meaning that, no sooner do they get someone a job and the client tells them they’re going to quit.

I know that they have a job to do but I feel like they go over and above to draw out the interests of each one of these young adults into finding out what they are good at. I appreciate everything they do for the Fresh Start Prep Program and look forward to working with them in the years to come.

Kristine Banos

From a DDS Referral Source in the Worcester, MA area

I work for the South Valley Department of Developmental Services as a Service Coordinator.  Approximately 5 years ago I put a referral in for one of the individuals on my caseload to Work Opportunities Unlimited.  It was simple to complete.  They jumped in with this individual working on her resume, job skill questionnaire, and other assessments to find the best possible match for employment.  They were successful at finding a job which she loves.  Her Career Resource Specialist helped her learn her job and faded out giving her growth within her employment and checks in to ensure things are still going well.  My individual then stated she would like to get another job because she wanted to work more and the store she is currently working at didn’t have extra hours they could give to her.  Her Career Resource Specialist again assisted with sending out her resume and found another seasonal job for her.  When I get together with my individual she expresses how much she loves her Career Resource Specialist.

When I hold the annual ISP meeting the Career Resource Specialist completes all required paperwork well within the timelines and attends her meeting.  She adds valuable information to her ISP meeting.

This is the only case I have with Work Opportunities Unlimited but during staff meetings I have recommended to my peers to reach out to Work Opportunities Unlimited because of their professionalism and dedication.


Lisa Duval

DDS Service Coordinator



Delivering Services with Respect and Professionalism

To Whom It May Concern,

As a Service Coordinator I have worked closely with Work Opportunities Unlimited for the past two years. We share two clients; both of whom have had their services delivered with respect and professionalism. Patten has consistently ensured that our client’s programs have been comprehensive, supporting them inside and outside of work.

Over the course of the past two years one of our mutual clients has gone through difficult emotional issues, which often left him incapable of maintaining his employment. Throughout these periods of time his staff at WOU have supported him emotionally and made sure he has many fulfilling volunteering positions. Our other shared client has maintained his job, with WOU support, for many years. During this time has become valued and respected member of his work place. His staff are able to support him while ensuring he is as independent as possible.

I am grateful for the consideration given to each of my clients by their team at WOU.


Alex Parrish-Valliere

Service Coordinator

One Sky Community Services

Ensuring that Desires and Goals for Employment are Heard

As a provider I have been very satisfied with the services that Work Opportunities has consistently provided to consumers who are seeking employment.  Their staff is always professional and knowledgeable of the local job market.  They work with consumers to ensure that their desires and goals for employment are heard throughout the process. Their team members always work to ensure support is received even after job placement.

Jen S.

Case manager

Maine Behavioral Healthcare

Hard Work that Shows in Development

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter today as I have been asked to share some feedback and testimonials from the Department of Developmental Services on behalf of Work Opportunities Unlimited.

I have worked with Work Opportunities Unlimited since July of 2016. I cannot give enough accolades about this agency since starting my time with DDS out here in Milford; especially with Mike Amons and his team. I often hear from families of clients of mine that if they “could clone Mike, they would”. WOU not only serves the individuals that we serve well, but they continue to look out and advocate for their bests interests

Furthermore, I would like to talk about a couple of examples of Work Opportunities Unlimited’ hard work. The first example is Mike and his teams have been working with an individual of mine by helping her grow in her respective bakery department at Shaws. From her last ISP, my individual has done so well at her department; WOU is even looking to expand her role at the bakery department and even look outside her respective department to other departments.

Another example of their hard work is they have been working with a Remote Business Development team to develop good employment leads for a second job for another individual of mine. Thanks to WOU, this individual has not only been able to secure and maintain his primary job out in Mendon since leaving his respective high school, but my individual has done so well that he is being considered for a raise and works occasionally on his own without job coaching.

It has been a real pleasure to work with Work Opportunities Unlimited; their continued hard work shows in the development of our individual’s that the Department Serves. I continue to look forward to working with WOU, especially with Mike and his team.


Andrew Nowak

Human Services Coordinator

Department of Developmental Services

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Employment Opportunities that Match Job Skills

To Whom It May Concern,

I have seen Work Opportunities Unlimited address the needs of some of my clients since it first became a licensed provider in RI. Work Opportunities has found employment opportunities for my referrals that match their job skills and interests. The 1:1 staffing offers a myriad of services besides vocational supports. I have seen the agency advocate for clients in many needed ways, be it helping them access Behavioral Health and parenting  supports to tying them into meaningful community recreational activities.

I intend to work with Work Opportunities Unlimited in the future as well.


Don Gardner

Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals

Continued Partnership Supporting Individuals who Wish to Work

It has been a pleasure working with the Work Opportunities Unlimited East Bay team.  Their responses to emails and phone calls are timely, and their work from the initial intake meeting to starting supports with individuals is extremely satisfying for both myself and the families.  They work with each individual to make sure they explore the best opportunity for them, making it completely person-centered to find their dream job.  I am amazed with how quickly they make relationships with businesses in the community and find employment opportunities for the folks they are supporting.  I look forward to a continued partnership supporting individuals who wish to work.

Mary Beth Silveria- RI Social Caseworker II


Office of Rehabilitation Services in Rhode Island

As for WOU Northern Division, I feel that we are making a great team.  My Counselors have been pleased with the follow up from your folks. Services seem to be flowing well and the placements have been much improved and good quality.  You folks are the ones who operationalize the plan we develop with the Client.  Given how important your role is in this process I would say that WOU helping us achieve our goals in so many significant ways.

Patricia M. Ianiere

Region 3 Supervisor

Office of Rehabilitation Services

A Valued Partner in Transition Planning

Maine School Administrative District 35 has been partnering with Work Opportunities Unlimited since the organization first became available to schools in Maine!  Our high school students are afforded authentic work experiences that increase the knowledge, experience and abilities to be active and successful participants in the world of work.  WOU is a valued partner in transition planning, actively working to help us develop and continuously refine school-based programs aimed at developing job interests, job seeking and keeping skills that culminate in assisted employment during students’ final years in high school.  WOU has added a dimension to transition planning that activates the process from theory into practice.  The benefits to our students and staff are genuine and part of the fabric of transition planning.

Carole Smith, EdD


An Acknowledgement from ASPIRE

Work Opportunities Unlimited is a wonderful resource to utilize in refining job search, resume and interview skills. The agency provides helpful and practical tips in a timely, professional and friendly manner. Employer contacts within the community assure every chance of success in finding and maintaining employment.

Shannon A.

ASPIRE Case Manager


Kudos from an ASPIRE Case Manager

I have been working with Work Opportunities in their placements with my participants and I have had very good results in job placements. They are very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable of job in the area. Franklin County is a tough county to help with obtaining employment and they go above and beyond in helping find jobs that my participants may not have otherwise been able to obtain on their own. They also follow thru after the placement and I find that shows that they are very caring and do a thorough job. It is apleasure working with them.

Julie S.

ASPIE Case Manager


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