(In Photo from L to R – Mike Amons, Trisha Wagner, Deb, and Steve Wood)

On September 13th at a team meeting of the Providence and Blackstone Teams, Deb Csoszor of the Administrative Resources Team received a Success-at-Work Award. Deb, who has been with us for almost eight years, supports the Providence, East Bay, and Blackstone teams. Deb was chosen for the award by the Management Resource Team in recognition of the seven glowing nominations Deb received for our Mission Support Award in July.

Here are just a few of the positive comments made about Deb, which were shared with her:

  1. It was obvious from her start that Deb cared greatly not only about her job, but about the work WOU was doing. Deb goes above and beyond – ensuring that she is there as a resource to her Teams. Deb always shares how proud she is of the CRS’s and the Company and does so by making herself available as more than an ART member- assisting with new hire training, occasional mock interviews with clients, attending team meetings. Deb has a warm and welcoming personality and makes sure everyone knows that she is there to help.
  2. Deb responds to every request in a timely manner, with kindness and professionalism. When we are unsure of something, she often has the answer, or if she doesn’t, she will make sure to find out. She is even kind enough to send out reminders to let us know when things are due. Without Deb, we wouldn’t be able to do the work our clients and referral agencies expect.
  3. I may not be the strongest person with completing administrative tasks. When I have something that is a “little” late or have a document with “some” mistakes, Deb is always there for assistance. And when Deb assists me with my administrative tasks, she never belittles me, is angry with me, or makes me feel less of a worker.

In making the presentation to Deb, Steve Wood read these words of commendation from her Success-at-Work Award certificate:


Work Opportunities Unlimited honors Deb Csoszor for living the core value “We build successful reciprocal relationships” and particularly for her 8 years of friendly and accurate administrative support provided to our field office and accounting teams. Deb’s detail-orientation and positive attitude make her a great teammate and a Success at Work!


Congratulations, Deb!