appWork Opportunities Unlimited has launched a new mobile application that allows team members to access key information about employers via their mobile devices. This means they have a wealth of helpful information at their fingertips, and can easily review notes, set tasks and update information  using their smartphones.

“The new application allows everyone on the Work Opportunities Unlimited team to have real-time information available  and accessible at any time and from anywhere. This interactive tool means that our team can capture and share valuable notes, updates and other information, allowing people to work as efficiently as possible, even when they’re on the road,” said Scott Shimer, Vice President at Work Opportunities Unlimited.

The application interfaces with the Work Opportunities Unlimited intranet database through team members’ smartphones. This innovative tool is meant for Work Opportunities Unlimited’s internal team members and not for use by external audiences.

Work Opportunities Unlimited’s new app allows team members to review and add information right before and after meeting with employers, while the details are still fresh in their minds. Typically, when people want to capture this type of information, they’re limited to using laptops that depend on internet connection, which isn’t available in all locations. Work Opportunities Unlimited has overcome the connection issue by allowing team members to access information while on-the-go, utilizing their smartphones.

“Work Opportunities Unlimited is on the leading edge of technology within the industry. I have not heard of any other Human Service organizations with an internet portal, let alone a mobile app to access it remotely,” Shimer explained. “This app was really a vision that Steve Wood, our President and CEO, had a few years ago. He wanted team members to be able to access information quickly from the field, so they could be as effective and efficient as possible. It was a great example of his foresight, and also shows how Work Opportunities Unlimited continues to be a pioneering and
creative organization.”